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Midi Mist Oil Mist Eliminator

MIDI-MIST® Oil Mist Eliminator | 25 CFM


When you start your vacuum pump, do you get a cloud of gray “smoke” from the exhaust? This mist is actually pump fluid. The MIDI-MIST® oil mist eliminator is designed to provide visible protection from pump “smoke” and vapors.

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Product Description

The MIDI-MIST® oil mist eliminator from Mass-Vac:

  • Removes oil mist from vacuum pump exhaust
  • Clear sump provides easy visual inspection of filter condition
  • Coalescing filters require little maintenance
  • Prevents oil residue from settling on walls, floors, furniture, and equipment

MassVac Model PUMP-XFIL-MV-360300 MIDI-MIST Stainless steel oil mist eliminator with KF25 on inlet and 1” hose termination on exhaust, includes pleated low-resistance microfiberglass filter element.  This filter would work with any vacuum pump exhaust that has a KF25 interface, or up to 25 CFM. Takes Replacement filters 360915

An MV MIDI-MIST® oil mist eliminator attaches to your pump’s exhaust line, directing the exhaust through a pleated, low-resistance microfiberglass coalescing filter that removes mist before it gets into the room air. The clear styrene sump provides direct inspection of the status of the filter without disassembly.


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