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The DigiVac Multi-React software enables real vacuum analytics at the operator's finger tips


  • Tranforms any DigiVac vacuum controller equipped with Ethernet into a system analysis tool
  • Monitor up to 20 instruments on 1 pane of glass
  • Log, plot and print vacuum telemetry from different parts of vacuum process
  • Change set points, PID variables and logging parameters all from a console
  • Works with MKS and Setra capacitance manometers, Inficon Pirani 550, 750, MPG400 and CDG gauges, Pfeiffer PKR251, IKR251, Agilent 531 & 536 tubes in conjunction with a StrataVac controller


Excellent for vacuum pump rebuilders for vacuum pump down curves, load lock process variable tracking, complex distillation setups and refining vacuum bagging techniques

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Product Description

The Multi-React software was designed specifically to make it very easy for people monitoring systems to see the vacuum data.  And more importantly, to see how vacuum data taken from different parts of the process trend with one another.

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 11 x 10 x 4 in



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