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Pfeiffer HiPace Small Turbo pump | 10L/s KF25 Turbo pump

Pfeiffer HiPace Small Turbo pump® 10 with TC 110 and power supply pack OPS 40,KF 25 | PM P03 963

Pfeiffer HiPace Turbo pump Description

The Pfeiffer HiPace Small Turbo pump with drive unit TC 110, 24 V DC and OPS 40 have part number PM P03 963 A, are new, and come with full Pfeiffer Vacuum warranty. These new Pfeiffer HiPace turbo pumps are an excellent quality turbomolecular vacuum pump for high vacuum applications and are typically supplied with an integrated electronic drive unit, for example model TC which operates on 24 VDC. The Pfeiffer HiPace series stands for a full range of compact and powerful turbopumps in the pumping speeds range of 10 to 2,050 l/sec.

  • The world’s smallest series-production turbopump
  • paired with IDP3
  • (PN): PM P03 963


  • A powerful, rugged turbopump with a pumping speed of 10 l/s for N2
  • KF 25 connection
  • Drive electronics TC 110 and power supply OPS 040 integrated
  • Mobile usable
  • Requires no additional cooling
  • Electronic connection in direction of fore-vacuum connection

Pfeiffer Vacuum HiPace 10 Turbo-drag-pump, Connection for KF25, with drive unit TC 110, 24 V DC and OPS 40 ,  Pfeiffer HiPace Turbo Pumps, PN PM P03 963 A

These Pfeiffer HiPace pumps provide high cost-efficiency and flexibility, which allows almost all pumps of this range to be installed in any orientation. The proven bearing system guarantees unrivaled reliability. High pumping speeds, high backing pump compatibility and high gas throughput as well as excellent compression for light gases are made possible by the innovative rotor design. The combination of a ceramic ball bearing on the fore-vacuum side and a permanent magnetic radial bearing on the high vacuum side is called a hybrid bearing system. This bearing technology does not require electromagnets and has a long service life with maintenance intervals of approximately 4 years. The operating fluid reservoir can be replaced on site within less than 30 minutes. The Pfeiffer HiPace turbo pumps are available in the following sizes: SplitFlow 50, HiPace 10, HiPace 30, HiPace60P, HiPace 80, HiPace 300, HiPace 400, HiPace 700, HiPace 800, HiPace 1200, HiPace 1500, and HiPace 2300.

Technical Specifications

Bearing Ball bearing
Compression ratio for Ar 2.5 · 107
Compression ratio for H2 3 · 102
Compression ratio for He 3 · 103
Compression ratio for N2 3 · 106
Connection flange (in) DN 25
Connection flange (out) DN 16 ISO-KF/G 1/8″
Cooling method Convection
Current, max. 1,2 A
Electronic drive unit with TC 110
Final pressure according to PNEUROP < 5 · 10-5 hPa | < 3.75 · 10-5 Torr | < 5 · 10-5 mbar
Final pressure without gas ballast < 5 · 10-5 hPa | < 3.75 · 10-5 Torr | < 5 · 10-5 mbar
Fore-vacuum max. for N2 25 hPa | 18.75 Torr | 25 mbar
Gas throughput at final rotation speed for Ar 0.37 hPa·l/s
Gas throughput at final rotation speed for H2 2.78 hPa·l/s
Gas throughput at final rotation speed for He 0.48 hPa·l/s
Gas throughput at final rotation speed for N2 0.37 hPa·l/s
I/O interfaces RS-485, Remote
Integrated power supply pack YES
Mounting orientation Arbitrary
Operating voltage: V DC 24 (± 5 %) V DC
Particle intake YES
Permissible radial magnetic field max. 3 mT
Power consumption max. 28.8 W
Protection degree IP30
Pumping speed for Ar 11.5 l/s
Pumping speed for H2 3.7 l/s
Pumping speed for He 6 l/s
Pumping speed for N2 10 l/s
Rotation speed ± 2 % 90,000 rpm | 90,000 min-1
Rotation speed variable 50 – 100 %
Run-up time 0.9 min
Sound pressure level ≤50 dB(A)
Weight 2 kg | 4.41 lb

Pump Curves


Adapters (electrical)

    • PV-Can

    • Remote

    • RS-232/485


    • Backing pump control cables

    • Connection cables

    • Mains cables / Power cords

    • RS-485 Interface cables


    • Adapters Turbopump to Backing Pump

    • Connection kits for mounting of pumps

Control Devices

    • Backing pump

    • Power supplies and control displays


    • Pressure Sensors


    • DN ISO-KF, mounting kits

    • DN ISO-KF, sealings, splinter shields, protection screens



    • Fore-vacuum safety valves

    • Isolation valves


User Manual Data Sheet

For more documentation, please visit DigiVac’s folder.

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pfieffer hipace small turbo pump
Pfeiffer Hipace Small Turbo pump | 10L/s KF25 Turbo pump |PM P03 963