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Piezo Pressure Sensor | NPT | 0-20 inches of Hg | 0 to -10 PSIG

Stainless Steel hermetically sealed double walled pressure sensor. Measures 0 -20 Inches of Mercury which is an ideal gauge pressure for fuel filter monitoring. Sensor readings will go up from baseline as the filters become clogged indicating when a filter should be changed prior to failure.

Piezo Pressure Sensor Specifications

Supply Voltage 5 VDC TYP
Pressure Range 0 to -10 PSIG
Proof Pressure 2X Full Scale
Burst Pressure 3X Full Scale
Fatigue Life More than 4 million cycles
Output 0.5-4.5VDC (ratiometric)
Accuracy 1.0% BFSL
Stability 0.25% Per Year
Operating Temperatures -10 to 85 C (12 to 185 F)
Current Consumption <3mA

This sensor is also available with UNF (straight thread) pressure port here

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Piezo Pressure Sensor | NPT | 0-20 inches of Hg