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PiezoTorr Manometer 2L760

From: $520.15


Extremely accurate Torr manometer (+/- 2 Torr) that leverages a gas-independent fast-response transducer


  • Piezo Resistive technogy yields milllisecond response and accuracy for clean dry air
  • Often used as an alternative to capacitance manometers
  • Highly accurate pressure sensor replacement for strain gauge
  • Every PiezoTorr Manometer is calibrated under actual vacuum against a NIST traceable standard



  • Laboratories
  • Chemical distallations
  • Altitude testing
  • Environmental
  • Research


Available Units:

  • Inches of water
  • Inches of mercury
  • PSI
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Product Description


The DigiVac Piezo Torr Manometer is an extremely accurate (+/- 2 Torr)  vacuum controller, which follows a 1000 Torr  capacitance manometer through its range for a fraction of the price. This unit gives accurate,repeatable results with thousands used in commercial and laboratory applications worldwide.


This vacuum controller leverages a gas-independent fast-response transducer. Piezo Resistive technology yields millisecond response and accuracy for clean dry air. This pressure sensor is a highly accurate replacement for strain gauges. This versatile vacuum controller has applications for laboratories, chemical distillations, altitude testing, environmental testing, and research.


Each Piezo Torr Manometer includes:

  • A vacuum gauge controller
  • A vacuum sensor
  • A cable to connect the vacuum gauge controller to the sensor
  • 5 ft AC power supply
  • Uses proven piezoelectric transducer technology combined with solid state electronics
  • Each one is pretested under actual vacuum against a NIST standard


The PiezoTorr Manometer (formerly the 2L760) uses electronics, enclosed in vinyl clad metal packaging ensuring a rugged gauge to help stand up to your toughest conditions. This gauge is available by default as an absolute gauge but is also available as a differential gauge in user selected units: inches of water, inches of mercury, or PSI.


We offer a wide range of options to customize the unit to fit your needs, including RS232 and plotting software. If you are working with clean gas and require accuracy within 2 Torr, the Piezo Torr Manometer  is for you.


Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 11 x 10 x 4 in


Vacuum Reference






Total Range

1 – 760 Torr

Range with Accuracy

1 – 760 Torr

Sensor Type




Panel Mount





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    Optional Features:

    • 2C
    • 5V5T
    • DS
    • Eth
    • RS232
    • NISTCal
    • mbar
    • PrintPlot
    • Length

    Select options