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Foreline Interlock Solution Setup
Foreline Interlock Solution

Prevent Oil Backstreaming | Interlock Foreline Solution


Prevent roughing pump oil from back-streaming through forelines and contaminating a vacuum chamber in the event of a power outage

  • Protects high vacuum chamber and turbo pump from air contaminants and roughing pump oil back-streaming
  • Maintains vacuum of high vacuum side (about 2 Torr) in the event of a power outage
  • Allows in-situ testing of backing pump, avoiding the need to disconnect the pump
  • Read the application note here!

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Product Description

This product includes:

    • Model 22wLCD TC gauge with Aglient 536 tube, KF25
    • 10′ of vacuum rated Foreline hose with 1″ internal diameter
    • Stainless Steel KF25 fittings to connect pump and valves to high vacuum pump
    • Isolation Valve with 7/16″ orifice, vacuum break valve with 1/8″ orifice
    • Wiring, electrical fittings, and conduit
    • Isolation Valve switch
    • Instructions on integration into pump
    • Get the application note here!

Interlock Foreline Solution In Action!


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