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Replacement Coalescing Filter | Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter | GL915R

Keep a replacement coalescing filter GL915R on hand so that you can maintain your oil mist eliminator to trap hydrocarbons in pump exhaust.

During initial pump down or when using the gas ballast valve, oil vapors exhaust from the vacuum pump. The oil mist eliminator traps the hydrocarbons in this exhaust.

  • Eliminates Pump Oil Fumes
  • Returns Used Oil to Vacuum Pump
  • Traps Particles to 0.3 microns
  • Replaceable Coalescing Element

This filter is included in the FK101B, FK401B and FK241B exhaust kits.

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Replacement Coalescing Filter GL915R
Replacement Coalescing Filter (Oil Mist Eliminator) | Part No. GL915R