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Vacuum Data Logging Software: StrataCapture is computer software that functions with the StrataVac, StrataVac Touch, SNAP, and Fyra Vacuum Controller  to transmit the controller’s information directly to your desktop. With this software, you can view real-time graphs to determine how your vacuum system or pump is performing.

  • Records time vs, vacuum data to a local file on a chosen computer. The file can be examined at a later time to determine performance and potential areas of concern
  • While recording, StrataCapture will create a unique session on the DigiVac Cloud, The Cloud allows real-time viewing of the system, updating once every 10 seconds.
  • Capable of saving reports on each individual sensor, or one combined report of all sensors.

Compatible StrataCapture Measurement and Control Devices

StrataCapture works with the DigiVac StrataVac series gauge controllers. These include the StrataVac and the StrataVac Touch, both widely configurable for applications in a variety of fields for rough to high vacuum based on the configuration. It also works with Digivac’s newest controllers SNAP and Fyra.

The StrataVac product line was designed and built for control and telemetry from the ground up, so configuring USB, wifi or internet connectivity is a a breeze.

Pump Down Logging Software Features

1. Logs time vs. vacuum to a local file on the computer
2. Connects to DigiVac’s Cloud ( so system performance can be viewed from anywhere in the world
3. Allows users to record and save reports from system runs


1. Document pump performance and to baseline vacuum pumps
2. Easily view data locally and transmit data to DigiVac cloud |
3. Easily log data both locally and on the DigiVac cloud for sharing both real time and historical data

How it Works

Using the Record feature of the Vacuum Data Logging Software | StrataCapture allows you to gather information about specific areas of your process.

When “record” is clicked, a red line with the word “start” will appear on the screen. At this time the software will begin logging time vs. vacuum data to a local file (your pump serial number) to a local file on your computer.

Once you have recorded the session run you would like to examine, press the “stop” button (in the location where “record” was). At this time, the data file will close and your report will be sent to the local file on your desktop.
Additionally, while recording, your system will create a unique session on the DigiVac Cloud, The Cloud allows real-time viewing of the system, updating once every 10 seconds.

Using the Vacuum Data Logging Software is simple. 

After downloading the program to your desktop,

1. Open StrataCapture
2. Create a Customer ID and Pump ID in StrataCapture
3. Start recording your system run
4. Surf over to, log in using the IDs created in StrataCapture and view your system readings live on your desktop, phone or tablet
5. When you stop recording, the live viewing of your system will cease

Reports that Can Be Recorded

StrataCapture allows you to generate two different reports within the software:

1. Individual Sensor Reports: Individual sensor reports allow you to pull data reports on the information from one sensor reading. This information would be isolated from the other sensor readings that occur simultaneously as the StrataVac Touch is running.
* Note: You can pull two or more individual reports at one, each report will just have the readings of one sensor.
2. Single Report: A single report in StrataCapture generates one report with all sensor readings combined. Unlike the individual reports, a single report takes readings from each sensor and combines them so you have them in one single report.

Optional Recording Capability

While the system is running, you can create a smart URL to share with your team. The purpose of this URL is to make sharing information with colleagues easy and hassle free. Rather than providing everyone with a login, you can simply send them a link to the live feed of the system.

Information from the cloud is updated and recorded every 10 seconds to review at a later time, making it easy to pinpoint areas of concern.

To view data once your recorded session has ended, you will want to do this following:

1. Open a browser window and go to
2. Log into your account using the credentials you created in StrataCapture
3. Scroll to the bottom of the page where it says “from” “to” and “Max Value”
4. Enter details into the boxes stated in step 2 (optional)
5. Click “submit” and begin viewing the full history of your system run

Getting Started: Order Online

Download from your email once ordering from The software is free, but an order is necessary because the software download appears in the order confirmation email once the order is placed.

Get StrataCapture the DigiVac Data Logging Software Today!

Watch this video of Tim Collins (DigiVac’s CEO) using the StrataCapture to assist in verifying function and safety of a vacuum pump down solution.

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User Manual StrataVac Data Sheet

For more documentation, please visit DigiVac’s folder.

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