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StrataVac Capacitance Manometer Bundle | Choose 1 Torr, 10 Torr, 1000 Torr Ambient Pressure Gauge


The DigiVac StrataVac CM vacuum gauge uses an ultra-pure alumina ceramic diaphragm, which is corrosion proof and allows for better signal stability, faster recovery from atmosphere, short warm up time, and an extraordinary lifetime.


  • Ideal for industrial and laboratory applications that require high accuracy pressure measurement
  • Clean room compliant: sensor double protected from contamination
  • Allows for recording and data capture via the USB port

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Product Description


DigiVac’s StrataVac CM vacuum gauge bundle is ideal for vacuum processes operating across a wide range | 7.6 x 10-10 to 760 Torr (1 x 10-9 to 1000 mbar). This wide range vacuum bundle measures from rough up to high vacuum. Choose 1 Torr, 10 Torr, and 1000 Torr. The StrataVac is paired with an ambient capacitance manometer pressure gauge.


StrataVac CM Vacuum Gauge Features

  • Fast stability after power on and recovery from atmospheric pressure
  • Corrosion resistant ceramic sensor
  • Excellent long term signal stability
  • Temperature compensated
  • Clean room compliant: sensor double protected from contamination
  • One push button zero function
  • 2 set-points and RS232 interface
  • Power and display measurement readings: StrataVac and StrataVac Touch





  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
    • Vacuum etching
    • Chemical vapor deposition
    • Physical vapor deposition
    • Atomic layer deposition
  • Data storage and display manufacturing equipment
  • General thin film and vacuum processes requiring gauge protection
  • Reference for monitoring of test instruments according to international standards
  • Transfer standard for traceability measurements
  • Industrial vacuum equipment
  • High accuracy pressure measurement applications

Specifications (ACG 25° Ambient)

 Measurement Range  0.01% of Full Scale (F.S.)
 Accuracy (% of Measurement)  1000 Torr/1100 mbar to 1 torr F.S.: 0.2%
0.25 Torr F.S.: 0.25%
0.1 Torr/mbar F.S.: 0.5%
 Temperature (Operating)  +10 to +150°F (+5 to + 50°C)
 Temperature (Storage)  -40 to 158°F (-40 to + 65°C)
 Temperature (Bake-out)  ≤230°F (≤110°C)
 Materials Exposed to Vacuum  Aluminum oxide ceramic (Al2 O3), Stainless steel (AISI 316L)
 Set-Point Relays  Relays 2 (SP1, SP2); Relay Response 30 V (DC)
 Input Power  +14 to +30 V (DC), ≤ 1 W
 Connections  FCC68/RJ45, 8-pin, Female
 Vacuum Interface  KF16
 Compliance & Standards  CE, EN, UL, SEMI, RoHS


Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 6 x 6 x 4 in
Sensor Type

SEN-CM-LES-1000Torr, SEN-CM-LES-10Torr, SEN-CM-LES-1Torr


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