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StrataVac Convection-Pirani Gauge Controller | .1mT to 1000 Torr

DigiVac Convection-enhanced Pirani Gauge Overview

The new convection controllers from DigiVac are incredibly innovative. They are the newest convection entrant into this market, and add a host of features previously unavailable with the other convection controller offers. Differentiators for the DigiVac convection offer are as follows:

  • Ability to control 1, 2, or 3 convection sensors by a single instrument

  • Ability to combine multiple convection gauges with wide range gauges or capacitance manometers

  • Native ability to control valves for vent, load lock and vacuum process control with the convection sensor

  • Simple easy to use large 7” touch screen with graphing and large numbers to display sensor readings

While convection-enhance pirani sensors don’t require calibration to produce good results; we find in our research that if you need to meet the convection accuracy specifications below 50 millitorr and or above 50 Torr then calibration to the gauge controller is required. For new convection pirani gauge orders, we offer a standard calibration for $50 and a NIST certified calibration for $100.

Featured Convection Pirani Gauge Options

Lesker – These KJLC 275 convection sensors offer excellent accuracy, repeatability and value for a wide range sensor (0.1 mT to 1000 mbar/Torr).  These gauge tubes and controllers are low-cost drop-in replacements to the Convectron® brand of MKS / Granville-Phillips® 275 gauges. (LESKER MODELS: KJL275071; KJL275196)


  • Lesker 275 (KJL275071) with 1/8″ NPT Sensor (Sensor Cable and Gauge Driver Card included)
  • Lesker 275 (KJL275196) with KF25 Sensor (Sensor Cable and Gauge Driver Card included)

Read the Lesker 275 Series Datasheet

MKS – These 275 Convectron sensors offer the best reproducibility for rough vacuum gauge sensors. They also have a wide range from 10-4 to 1000 mbar/Torr. The Granville Phillips division of MKS are the manufacturers and the inventors of this technology. (MKS MODELS: 275071; 275203)


  • MKS 275071 with 1/8″ NPT (Sensor Cable and Gauge Driver Card included)
  • MKS 275203 with  KF16 (Sensor Cable and Gauge Driver Card included)

Read the MKS 275 Convectron Product Series Overview


  • 0.1 millitorr to 1 millitorr; 0.1 mTorr resolution
  • 1.0 millitorr to 400 Torr; ± 10% of reading
  • 400 to 1,000 Torr; ± 2.5% of reading

StrataVac Touch Vacuum Controller

  • Modular Vacuum Controller—Can be configured with up to 4 expansion boards to control multiple gauges at one time | Easy control with set-points to monitor activity within your system’s condenser, roughing pump, diffusion pump or turbo pump when you connect to through USB output to your computer system
  • Pump down logging and Vacuum Process Documentation with StrataCapture and DigiVac cloud on
  • Wide Range Accuracy—Configured with sensors based on the accuracy and range required to sense vacuum and display the pressure reading. User can select units of Torr, mbar, kilopascal (kPa), millitorr, or microns
  • Touchscreen—Monitor and your process in graphical format on the StrataVac Touch’s touchscreen display. Set setpoints, units, configurations and more right on the display screen
  • Need help setting up for your specific vacuum system needs, please contact us
  • Output: Comes standard with USB output, RS232 is an available upgrade option contact us for lead time and pricing

Learn more about the StrataVac Touch here!


User Manual Data Sheet Quick Start Guide DV CUP Cheat Sheet

For more documentation, please visit DigiVac’s folder.

Technical Specifications

Units Torr, mbar, kPa, millitorr, microns
Control Range Not applicable
Range with Accuracy 1 mT to 1000 Torr
Sensor Type All – Dependent on sensor(s) installed
Dimensions 1.7”H x 3.52”W x 5.35” Deep
Certifications RoHS

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StrataVac Convection Pirani Gauge Controller | MKS 275071
StrataVac Convection-Pirani Gauge Controller | .1mT to 1000 Torr