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StrataVac Touch Vacuum Controller
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StrataVac Touch Vacuum Controller | Multi-Gauge Controller with Touchscreen



The StrataVac Touch Vacuum Controller when paired with a bleed valve supports sweep gas vacuum control and includes dashboard graphics. Take your vacuum control system monitoring to the next level with StrataVac Touch.


  • Easily see a snapshot of up to 3 of your sensors and/or valves working across your distillation system
  • Can control vacuum through a wide range using a bleed or throttle valve
  • Combine 2 capacitance manometers into one reading to expand the range for direct measurement up to 4 decades


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Product Description

Highly Configurable Multi-Gauge Controller with TouchScreen | Combine Readings Of Up To 3 Sensors 

StrataVac Touch Vacuum Controller Benefits

  • Vacuum Controller —Drive and combine up to 3 of your sensors, capacitance manometers or passive/active gauges | Save space, money, and avoid confusion by combining multiple tasks into one device | Set your sweep gas and bleed control settings by vacuum pressure or SCCM
  • Modular—Can be configured with up to 3 expansion boards to control multiple gauges at one time | Easy control with set-points to monitor activity within your system’s condenser, roughing pump, diffusion pump when you connect to via the device’s WiFi connection
  • Wide Range Accuracy—Configured with sensors based on the accuracy and range required to sense vacuum and display the pressure reading in user selectable units of Torr, mbar, kilopascal (kPa), or millitorr
  • Calibrated—Every STRATAVAC is calibrated and pretested under actual vacuum against a NIST standard
  • Touchscreen—Monitor and your process in graphical format on the StrataVac Touch’s touchscreen display. Set setpoints, units, configurations and more right on the display screen. No buttons needed!

Avoid Clutter and Complexity with STRATAVAC Touch!



Valve Type Part # Description Orifice Cost
Bleed (VacStable) VAL-BLD-KF16 Works on the principal of bleeding in a very small flow of air or nitrogen into a vacuum vessel $499.55
Bellows VAL-BELL-KF25 KF25 bellows electromagnetic Aluminum Valve used for isolation and vacuum valve control with a full 1″ orifice for fast throughput of large fluid volumes 1″ $383.00
Plunger VAL-PLU-0.5-KF25 Throttle type valve used for vacuum control with 0.5″ orifice and KF25 clamp and centering rings. Includes a 8′ cable to interface valve to StrataVac valve. 1/2″ $320.00

3 Simple Steps for Vacuum Process Set-up with the StrataVac Touch Vacuum Controller:

  1. Plumb the vacuum gauge(s) into your vessel
  2. Connect the sensor, power, and I/O cables into STRATAVAC
  3. Measure and control vacuum



Power: 100-240VAC 50/60 Hz  CE Rated
Vacuum Interface: 1/8” Male NPT or KF/NW
Sensor: Dependent on sensor(s) installed
Range: Dependent on sensor(s) installed
Units: Torr, mbar, kPa, millitorr
Mount 1/8 DIN or Bench Top
Display 0.40 inch high 6 digit white LED
Dimensions 1.7”H x 3.52”W x 5.35” Deep
Controls 7 amp, 250 Volt (If applicable)
Telemetry Options USB or Wi-Fi


View full chart of sensors supported by the StrataVac Touch

Wi-Fi connect wirelessly to the DigiVac Cloud where you can view your system’s run from anywhere in the world!

Vacuum Controlcontrols vacuum level at a particular set-point between 30 milliTorr and 2000 milliTorr. This vacuum level controller works on the principal of regulating the bleed of a vacuum vessel to atmosphere much like the way many freeze dryers do. This option also has PID variables to enable the user to adjust the nature of the control.

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 11 x 10 x 4 in
Vacuum Reference





Torr, mbar, kPa

Total Range

5E-9 -1000 Torr

Range with Accuracy

5E-4 – 1000 Torr

Sensor Type






Panel Mount





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