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High Gas Flow Optimized TwisTorr 305FSQ Turbo Pump Kit

Product Description

This 305FSQ Turbo is the high gas flow optimized TwisTorr version of the Agilent 305 turbo pump line. Many times turbo pumps are focused on really clean applications like high energy physics where base pressure (how deep the pump can pump down to) is everything.

This 305FSQ turbo pump has more flow than the standard Agilent 305 turbo series, and is also designed for process gasses like thin film distillation.

The “Q” in the part number differentiates it from the other versions in that this it is optimized for high flow, as opposed to obtaining the deepest pressure.  This is the right turbo for distillations, whereas high energy physics might want to use the regular 305 version.

Package Includes

  • TwisTorr 305 FSQ Air/Water | ISO 100
    • Part Number: X3513-64068
  • TwisTorr 305 FSQ AG Remote | RS232/ 485
    • Part Number: X3506-64130
  • Mains Cable NEMA Plug | 3M Long (V551/701)
    • Part Number: 9699958
  • Inlet Screen 100
    • Part Number: X3500-68000
  • Air Cooling Kit for Rack AG Controller
    • Part Number: X3500-68011
  • 20 SCCM Valve with Swagelock-M12 component (gas supply fitting)
    • Part Number: 9699242
  • Extension Cable for air cooling fan | 5M Long for 305 Configuration
    • Part Number: 9699940

Bundle Details

TwisTorr 305 FSQ Air/Water | ISO 100

Product Details

The TwisTorr 305 FS turbomolecular pump features an optimized design and advanced connectivity options such as Bluetooth. This 300 L/s turbo pump can be driven wirelessly using the Vacuum Link app.

The TwisTorr 305 FS turbo pump is ideal for academic research/particle accelerators (pump and controller can be up to 100 m apart) where compression ratio is an important factor contributing to very low base pressure. The pump’s low noise and vibration level make it a perfect solution for sensitive instruments, mass spectrometry, electron microscopes, and surface analysis applications.


  • High compression ratios for light gases enabling low base pressure
  • Hydrocarbon free for clean vacuum system
  • Remote controller allows operation from 100 m away
  • Low vibration and noise levels—41 dB(A)—for a comfortable working environment and operation in sensitive experiments
  • Compact size and installation in any position allow easy integration
  • Maintenance-free bearings for zero operating cost
  • Gauge reading capability for system pressure monitoring
  • Ready for wireless control via Vacuum Link app for pump operation on the go
  • Radiation and magnetic field-proof design with no embedded electronics allows operation in demanding magnetic field and radiation environments
  • Low electromagnetic emission guarantees no interferences with application process


Brochure    |     Data Sheet    |   305 Operation Manual

TwisTorr 305 FSQ AG Remote | RS232/ 485

Product Details

The remote control unit for the TwisTorr 305 turbo pumps drives the pumps in real time. This unit adapts speed and power as required by gas flow, gas type, pressures, and other factors such as cooling. The controller is capable of reading active gauges and driving accessories such as vent valves and the air cooling fan. The 305FSQ Turbo is the high gas flow optimized TwisTorr version of the Agilent 305 turbo pumps. Ideal for thin film distillation processes.


  • Ready for Vacuum Link app to get full control of the pump through your mobile phone
  • Active gauge reading capability for system pressure monitoring
  • Pump cable lengths up to 100 m long for remote controller mounting
  • RS232/RS485/Profibus communication protocols for easy integration
  • Analog I/O provides accurate control of the pump
  • Remote control with A-plus software enables pump operation, control, and recording of system parameters (i.e., pressure)
  • Rack-mounted design for easy integration
  • Vent valve and cooling fan driving to get full vacuum system control
  • Universal voltage (100–240 V) enables worldwide operation



Mains Cable NEMA Plug | 3M Long (V551/701)

Product Details

Mains cables for Agilent turbo pumping systems provide a secure connection. Multiple plugs are also available for worldwide compatibility.
  • 3M long
  • UNSPSC Code: 40151700


  • Secure connections
  • Variety of plugs types (US, EU, UK, Japan)
  • Designed for safety

Inlet Screen 100

Product Details

  • UNSPSC Code: 41105100

Air Cooling Kit for Rack AG Controller

Product Details

  • UNSPSC Code: 41105100

Agilent Varian Turbo Purge Valve, 20 SCCM with 1/4 Swagelok component (gas supply fitting) x M12 | 9699242

Product Details

These Agilent Varian turbo purge valves have a fixed 20 SCCM flow rate, attached with a 1/4 Swagelok gas supply fitting, and are designed to work with most medium sized turbomolecular vacuum pumps which have an M12 vent port thread

  • 20 SCCM 1/4 gas supply fitting x M12
  • Turbo Purge Valve

Every valve is made with a thin calibrate sapphire orifice mounted into a cartridge to provide a precise small leak rate, with two special PTFE membranes on each tube side. This is to avoid any particulate, powder and any liquid to come into and occlude the thin hole. Each version of the valve is suited for a particular application:

  • the Small leak (~ 10 sccm at 1000 mbar) for mild corrosive operation when the partial pressure of the corrosive gas is maximum 10-5 mbar (analytical instruments, ion implanters)
  • the Large leak (~ 20 sccm at 1000 mbar) for heavy corrosive operations (etching, CVD), when the partial pressure of the corrosive gas is >10-5 mbar.

If you wish to use a different flowrate, you might change the supply pressure. For a given supply pressure, the gas purge valve can give you a fixed flowrate value. Please note that the flow amount does not depend on the vacuum side pressure of the valve. These turbo purge valves have Agilent Varian part number PN 969-9242.
Works with the following Agilent Varian turbo pumps:

  • TwisTorr 74 FS
  • TwisTorr 84 FS
  • TwisTorr 305 FS
  • TwisTorr 305-IC
  • TwisTorr 404 FS
  • TwisTorr 704 FS
  • TwisTorr 804 FS
  • Turbo-V 1001


Purge Valve Installation Manual     |  How to Select Vent Valves for Agilent Turbo Pumps

Extension Cable | 5M Long for 305 Configuration

Product Details | Small TMP Air Cooling Kit Extension Cable 5 m long

Vent Valve Extension cable, 5 m long. For rack controllers Turbo-V 81, 301 & TwisTorr 74FS, 84FS, 304FS, 305FS

  • UNSPSC Code: 40151700

TwisTorr 305 FS Specifications

Ambient Operating Temperature
  • +5 to +35 °C
Ambient Storage Temperature
  • -40 to +70 °C
Base Pressure
  • <1 x 10-10 mbar
Compression Ratio H2
  • 1.5 x 106
  • DN 100
  • DN 160
Foreline Flange Size
  • KF 16 NW
Foreline Tolerance – N2
  • 12 mbar
Maximum Gas Throughput – N2, Water Cooling
  • 250 sccm
Noise Level
  • 41 dB(A)
Nominal Rotation Speed
  • 60 KRPM
Operating Position
  • Any
Pumping Speed – Ar
  • 250 L/s
Pumping Speed – H2
  • 220 L/s
Pumping Speed – He
  • 255 L/s
Pumping Speed – N2
  • 250 L/s
Recommended Forepump Capacity
  • 7 m³/h
Standards and Certifications
  • EN 61010-1
    EN 61326-1
    EN 1012-2
    EN 12100
    EN 50581
    Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
    Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/
    EU Directive 2011/65/EU
Start Up Time
  • < 3 min
  • 5.84 kg

TwisTorr 305 FS Remote Specifications

Communications Interface RS232 RS485
Compatible Mains Cables IEC-320
Configuration Remote controller, rack-mounted
Dimensions (WxHxL) 106.4 mm x 128.5 mm x 244 mm
Display LCD
Input Frequency 50 to 60 Hz
Input Voltage 100-240 Vac (±10%)
Length 244 mm
Maximum Input Power 450 VA
Maximum Pump Cable Length 100 m
Modes of Operation Locall Remote Serial
Operating Environment Relative Humidity 90 % maximum non condensing humidity
Operating Environment Temperature 5° C to 45° C
Pump Model Compatibility TwisTorr 305 FS Turbo Pump TwisTorr 305 FSQ Turbo Pump TwisTorr 305 SF Turbo Pump
Rack Mount Size 3U 1/4 Rack
Standards and Certifications EMC Directiive 2014/30/EU


ROHS Directive 2011/65/EU

EN 50581

EN 61010 -1

EN 61326-1
Weight 1.7 kg
Width 106.4 mm

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High Gas Flow Optimized TwisTorr 305 Turbo Pump
305FSQ Turbo Pump | High Gas Flow Optimized TwisTorr Turbo Pump