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DigiVac Vacuum Gauge 2.0
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Bullseye Vacuum Gauge 2.0 App for use with DigiVac Bluetooth Gauges



Bullseye Vacuum Gauge App: the second release of the Vacuum Gauge app and can be used to extend the functionality of all Bullseye Precision Gauges equipped with Bluetooth.


  • Monitor your vacuum system directly from your smartphone or tablet
  • Quickly Identify vacuum trends through the use of the app’s real time graphing function
  • Set high and low alarm set points to be alerted of rises or drops in vacuum pressure


Download the app from the Google Play Store today!

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Product Description

The Vacuum Gauge App for Bullseye Precision Gauge monitoring from your phone.

Features vacuum alerting, monitoring, and sharing functions.

Keep an eye on your vacuum system during pumpdown processes, even when you are not in the room.

Be alerted when the pressure rises above or below your alarm set point range.

Keep the smartphone or tablet hosting Vacuum Gauge within the Bluetooth range, even when you must leave the test site, and surf over to to quickly see how your system is operating.


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