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Vacuum grease is a lubricant with low volatility and is used for applications in low pressure environments. The use of Grease rated for vacuum applications is important to maintaining a proper seal for KF fittings.

Lubricants with higher volatility would evaporate.

This causes two problems:

  1. They would not be present to provide moisture between your vacuum fittings.
  2. They would make lowering the pressure below their vapor pressure difficult.

Ideal for lightly moistening the viton on the centering ring of KF fittings to aid in making leak free connections

Read our application note here for proper pipe threads connections. And our blog on the importance of lubricants rated for vacuum applications here.

How many connections do you have in your vacuum system? When putting together distillation  and laboratory systems that function under vacuum, you cannot forget to use a vacuum-rated lubricant on all the connections or leaks will happen. Tracking down a leak after everything is set-up just leads to frustration and wastes time!

DigiVac also offers Apiezon Grease for High Vacuum.

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Vacuum Grease for Leak Free Connections