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Yamato RE SERIES 1L Rotary Evaporator | Chiller & Pump Optional Vacuum Control options

Product Description

Yamato RE SERIES 1L (evaporating flask capacity) rotary evaporators come with a 5L water bath with wide range rotation (5-315rpm), vertical glassware with prevention of back flow of condensate with a feed tube cover, and digital temperature/rotation control. as well as Anti-condensation insulation is a standard accessory.

All packages come with a vacuum pump and chiller with optional DigiVac, or Yamato vacuum control options available.

  • (PN): RE-202-BWA-STD

1L Rotary evaporator with water bath, Vertical condenser, Vacuum pump and Chiller

  • (PN): RE-202-BWA-VPC

1L Rotary evaporator with water bath, Vertical condenser, Vacuum pump, Chiller, 10ft silicon hose and VPC vacuum controller

  • (PN): REV-202M-BWA-CMPT.

1L Rotary evaporator with vacuum regulator and water bath, Vertical condenser, Vacuum pump and control unit, Chiller,  Yamato vacuum controller


Yamato Mini Rotary Evaporator for Research and Development

    • Rotate faster & slower (315 rpms – 5 rpms) than any other rotary evaporator on the market, so you can test new SOPs and develop better methods.
    • Easily manage your expensive samples with small flask sizes (from 100ml to 2L).
    • Program rotation direction changes, ramps, and other automations to get more done in the lab at once.
    • Eliminate most manual steps in the sample drying and removal process by creating finer dry granules (ask us how).
    • Easily analyze the residue left over after distillation.
    • Orient for left or right-handed operation based on your limited bench space.
    • Easy operations with one-hand jack
    • 200mm stroke for convenient flask replacement

Why choose a mini rotary evaporator for R&D?

If you’re in process development, method development, or doing basic R&D, most rotovaps on the market aren’t actually built for you.

If your job is testing new recipes, why use an instrument that’s built to follow a recipe?

Yamato mini rotary evaporators are built specifically for process development, with a wider range of rotation speeds than any other rotovap on the market (at 5 to 315 rpms).

That’s about 15% more range than any other rotary evaporator.

And a more appropriate flask size for your work, from a max of a 2L rotary evaporator flask down to 100ml.

Plus, you can program your test methods or SOPs into the system and walk away.

  • Spin forward at 15 rpms for 20 seconds
  • Spin backward at 15 rpms for 20 seconds
  • Repeat for 60 minutes

It’s the only one that lets you work out the best method for your new process without limitations.

Plus, depending on your model, these are priced 10-20% better than comparable models from the other names you know.

DigiVac’s Vapor Pressure Controller (VPC)

The DigiVac Vapor Pressure Controller allows you to determine set-points and maintain vacuum at that level. The vacuum regulator is particularly useful when you are looking to maintain pressure at a certain level as needed for botanical processing and rotary evaporation or ideal for any vacuum process that involves vapors. Mounting can be bench-top or on a laboratory pole.

  • Display of both the set-point and current vacuum control
  • Fine control of target vapor pressure for more precise compound separation through distillation
  • Flow path designed to be tolerant of harsh chemicals
  • UL, CE, CSA and RoHS Certified, Fully safety certified for USA, Canada and Europe
  • Includes 10ft 3/8 silicone hose to connect from VPC to Rotary Evaporator 

For more information + downloads, click here.


Technical Specifications

REV202M-AWA / 212M-AWA
(Glassware A)
REV202M-BWA / 212M-BWA
(Glassware B)
REV202M-CWA / 212M-CWA
(Glassware C)
Operating ambient temp. range 5~35°C
Speed range 5~315 rpm*³
Evaporation capacity Up to 23 ml/min
Pressure setting range 0-1013 hPa
RPM display Digital display / Control knob
Rotation mode Forward / Reverse / Auto inversion
Spring-loaded jack Manual balance (maximum height 200 mm, stepless regulation, one-touch lock)
Vacuum controller VR102S, installed above jack handle with attachment bracket
Vacuum control solenoid valve OVR10, installed in the rear of stand base
Rotary motor DC brushless (simple servo)
Condenser retention Condenser bracket
Safety functions
Rotary evaporator DC motor: Motor overload protection, overvoltage, low voltage, rotation speed sensor error
AC adapter: Short circuit in internal circuit, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection
Vacuum controller Communication error, Pressure sensor error, Memory error, Leak error, High pressure error, Auto leak at error occurrence
Cooling condenser Double corrugated tube (cooling surface: 0.143 m²)
Suction port: GL-14 (lower), Φ10 nozzle Suction Port: GL-14 (upper), Φ10 nozzle Suction Port: GL-14 (upper), Φ10 nozzle
Cooling port: GL14 (two places in lower part), two φ10 nozzles
Compatible evaporation flask 50-2000 ml. Use optional reducer to attach small flasks
Compatible receiving flask 100-2000 ml
External dimensions*² W719 × D324 × H534 W529 × D324 × H745 W529 × D324 × H745
Overall dimensions*² (W x D x H) 744 × 365 × 534 554 × 365 × 745 554 × 365 × 745
Weight ~10.5 kg
Power rating
REV202M: 100-115V 1A with plug
REV212M: 200-230V single phase 1A no plug, round terminal
Included accessories Main unit: AC adapter (1), power cable (1), bath guide (1), rear cover (1), single-sided tape fastener roll (1), double-sided tape fastener roll (1)
Glass set: Cooling condenser (type A/B/C)(1), rotary joint (1), evaporation flask (1), receiving flask (1), ball joint clamp (1),flask clip (1), vacuum seal (1), condenser insulation kit (1),condenser bracket (1) (for type B/C), hex wrench (1) (for type B/C)


Rotary Evaporator Standard Package Includes:

Included accessories

RE Series  Standard Package

Main unit: AC adapter (1), power cable (1), bath guide (1), rear cover (1), single-sided tape fastener roll (1), double-sided tape fastener roll (1)

Glass set: Cooling condenser (type B)(1), rotary joint (1), 1L evaporation flask (1), 1L receiving flask (1), ball joint clamp (1),flask clip (1), vacuum seal (1), condenser insulation kit (1),condenser bracket (1) (for type B), hex wrench (1) (for type B)

DigiVac Recommendations

Vacuum Control: VPC with VPPM Software for running recipes or RAMP control or the SNAP Vacuum Controller with onboard Automatic Process Control and Recipe Control to support SOP development and optimized vacuum drying.

Video Suggestions: VPC | SNAP 


Rotary Evaporator Brochure | Vacuum Pump Data Sheet | Chiller Data Sheet | VPC Data Sheet 

For more documentation, please visit DigiVac’s folder.


A rotary evaporator is a device used in chemical laboratories for the efficient and gentle removal of solvents from samples by evaporation. The process of rotary evaporation is most often used to separate solvents with low boiling points, such a n-hexane or ethyl acetate, from compounds which are solid at room temperature and pressure. However, careful application also allows for the removal of a solvent from a sample containing a liquid compound, if there is minimal co-evaporation (azeotropic behavior) and a sufficient difference in boiling points at the chosen temperature and reduced pressure.


Example: The following table is a list of a variety of substances ordered by increasing vapor pressure (in absolute units).

Safety Notice

Your safety is important to us! Please use caution when operating. Users of glass reaction equipment must take all necessary precautions to avoid contact with rotating parts, particularly entanglement of loose clothing, hair, necklaces, or other jewelry. Under these circumstances, the winding action of the rotating parts can draw the user(s) into the apparatus, resulting in breakage of glassware, burns, and/or chemical exposure. Extra caution must also be taken when operating with air-reactive materials, especially under vacuum. A leak can draw air into the apparatus and cause a violent reaction to occur.

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Yamato RE SERIES 1L Rotary Evaporator
Yamato RE SERIES 1L Rotary Evaporator | Chiller & Pump Optional Vacuum Control options