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How often do I need to calibrate my gauge?

Scientist CalibrationCalibration of a gauge is a decision to be made by the user based on usage, contamination of instrument and procedural obligations. When foreign matter comes in contact with the sensor, it alters the sensor characteristics. Those altered characteristics will yield a different pressure measurement over time.

Calibration frequency is also largely dependent on the type of service your vacuum gauge is used for.

  • In clean, dry environments that are mostly nitrogen, calibration intervals may be extended.
  • In vacuum drying or freeze-drying applications where the gauge is constantly bombarded in water, you may consider calibrating more often.
  • In very dirty environments like heat treating, metalizing and oil purification, there is a likelihood of more frequent calibrations.

Still unsure if your gauges need to be calibrated? Contact us and our vacuum engineer would be glad to help.