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Technical Resources

Digivac Technical Resources

At DigiVac, we pride ourselves on being scientific thinkers and application experts.

We love to have customers come to us to help them solve tough vacuum control and process problems. In the following technical resources, we share the science behind several applications and provide useful educational pieces as well.

DigiVac Application Notes

Case studies that detail DigiVac products and how they solve specific customer problems.



Transformer Oil Purification Aspiration Vacuum Control for Medical Use
Scientific Cryogenic Work Radiation Hardening for Vacuum Gauges
Benefits of Vacuum Distillation in Botanical Processing
Foreline Interlock Solution to Avoid Contamination in High Vacuum Systems 
The Pressure & Vacuum Tightrope
Benefits of Back-up Calibrated Sensors
Rotary Evaporation Made Easy
Wifi Connectivity for StrataVac
Benefits of Throttle and Vacuum Control
Is Your Pump Working? Baselining a Vacuum Pump with a Bullseye Precision Gauge


DigiVac Customization Examples

Examples of how DigiVac products have been modified to fit our customer’s needs.

Customization: Vacuum Ramp Rate Control

Customization: Food & Beverage Process Automation

DigiVac White Papers

Papers on applied vacuum science, based on vast experience in solving problems for customers.

White Paper: QF/KF Flanges for improved vacuum system performance

White Paper: Proper Threaded Pipe Installation For Leak-Free Vacuum Systems

White Paper: PID Control In Vacuum Systems

Understanding Pressure in Vacuum Instrumentation

A review of the common terms and definitions in vacuum and pressure measurement, including: ambient pressure, differential, gauge and absolute pressure. This serves as a good primer for understanding the different ways vacuum measurement is understood.

Vacuum Terminology Demystified

Understanding Pressure in Vacuum Instrumentation

Buyers Guide | Vacuum Instruments For Freeze Drying Systems

DigiVac’s Solution to Controlling Vacuum

A review of automated methods for vacuum control that cover the simple approach of power cycling a vacuum pump or solenoid switch, upstream and downstream proportional valve control.

DigiVac’s Solution To Controlling Vacuum Article

DigiVac Briefs

A quick review of some commonly asked questions.

How does thermocouple technology work?

DigiVac Sensor Cleaning

A set of steps for cleaning your sensor.

Sensor Cleaning | Steps for Success