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Safety 1st: Benefits of Using a Vacuum Gauge to Perform a Leak Test


When troubleshooting an HVAC system, using a micron vacuum gauge (that has on board analytics) as a leak test is a safe way to assess why the system is not performing. A common problem in vacuum systems is that they are wet and have contaminants. Using a vacuum gauge enables you to determine when your system is dry, without damaging it.

Vacuum testing is safer than pressure testing (implosion vs. explosion).  The last  thing you want to do is damage the HVAC system and be responsible for additional repairs. Using a vacuum gauge is a non-invasive and less destructive way to test a system.

Leak testing and HVAC system testing: necessary steps in the repair process. Once you have determined that you have a leak, the next step is to  use pressure testing to pinpoint where the leak is, fix it, and your repair job is complete!

The DigiVac Bullseye Micron Gauge was designed to help in this process and eliminate the guesswork previously required.