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Vacuum Gauge 2.0: A Recap

7inch_Graph_no_text.pngAs many of you know, the newest version of the Vacuum Gauge app, Vacuum Gauge 2.0, is now available in the Google Play store. There are many similarities to the original, 1.0, app, but this version gives the user even more functionality and usability. With this release the user can expand their circle of communication and bring the entire team of engineers, technicians, and researchers together, even if they are miles apart. In effect, the new and/or upgraded features of Vacuum Gauge 2.0 makes the jobs of everyone involved in the vacuum process easier!

So what are some of these features? The first is the ability to run the app in the background without it crashing. Now those in the lab or field do not need to worry about someone accidentally backgrounding the app causing them to lose data, because as long as the app is not closed by means of hitting the back arrow multiple times, it will continue to log data to your CSV file. The second feature that makes the app more functional is that it can now connect to Once you create a customer ID and gauge ID on the app by hitting “Share with DigiVac”, anyone with the credentials can log onto the website to view the vacuum system readings in a real-time graph. Another feature, this one updated from Vacuum Gauge 1.0, is the alarm set points. The person running the app can set high and low set points so if the pressure should go out of bounds, the app will let them know.

These features, and others, are what you can look forward to using when you download the app for free!