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Vacuum Magic: Houdini’s Guide to How A Vacuum Gauge Regulates Pressure

Understanding how a vacuum gauge regulates pressure can be a mystery.  Watch Nicole, as she demonstrates vacuum pressure regulation using a digital vacuum controller, balloon, and glass jar.  Before our experiment, let’s review some vacuum vocabulary:

  1. Vacuum controller: a device that is used to maintain pressure for a period of time.  The method of vacuum regulation used is called downstream pressure control.
  2. Set point:  the targeted vacuum value the user wishes to maintain.

In our experiment, the set point is chosen and the switch is turned to regulate (on). The balloon expands because pressure inside the chamber decreases and the pressure inside the balloon remains constant. When the gauge is vented, the pressure inside the chamber increases and the balloon returns to its original state.

No magic wand required! Need to calibrate your vacuum regulator? Check out this blog post.

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