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FYRA Convectron Controller – Convection-enhanced Pirani

The FYRA Convectron Controller performs like the regular FYRA, but it includes a driver card that allows it to be paired up with convection-enhanced pirani sensors (such as the Lesker KJL275071, and KJL275196) in addition to regular vacuum sensors. Can measure from 1.0 x 10-4 to 1000 Torr.

This configuration includes:

  • FYRA Convectron Controller with 10 Volt DC Output and USB for data download and documentation
  • Driver Card to Drive Convection-enhanced pirani sensor

Sensor Options:

Vacuum Science Simplified

We know vacuum applications can get complicated. FYRA was created to deliver scientific measurement and vacuum control simply with easy integration into almost any system in the market.

FYRA Features:

  • Easy integration into systems
  • Capable of driving multiple types of sensors (ex. piezo, thermal, active, passive, and capacitance manometers)
  • Has touchscreen and dial interface
  • Intuitively display and manage multiple sensors + control points
  • Comes standard with:
    • 10 Volt DC output for PLC integration
    • USB for data download + documentation of vacuum processing data-points

Example of a FYRA with Convection-enhanced Pirani Applications

The FYRA Convectron Controller can be used in many industrial applications such as semiconductor manufacturing, load locks, leak detection, vacuum coating, and freeze dryers. Features a 0.001 to 1000 Torr vacuum measurement range.

***NOTE: Convection-enhanced pirani gauge tubes are calibrated for direct readout of nitrogen or air. Do not attempt to use with other gases unless accurate conversion data for N2 to the other gas is properly used.

  • Lesker Models: KJL275071; KJL275196 Overview
    • Gauge, Convectron Equivalent
    • 10E-4 (0.1 mT) to 1000 Torr
    • 1/8″ NPT or KF25 (depending on selection)
    • Only convection-enhanced pirani gauge with native KF25 interface

Ideal if you need a replacement gauge for GP 275, 375, and 475 convection gauge controllers or other compatible controllers

Optional WiFi. Fill out the Product Inquiry below if you require this addition. This option is an additional $198.

WiFi Connection
View pressure in real time through, and log data through the USB interface.


User Manual Data Sheet DV Cup Cheat Sheet

For more documentation, please visit DigiVac’s folder.

Technical Specifications

Units Torr, mbar, kPa, microns, millitorr, mmHg, Hectopascal
Control Range Ability to support 10-10 Torr – 1000 Torr
Dimensions 6.5″x6.5″x2.5″
Telemetry Options

USB, WiFi, 0-10 volts DC, Analog out, 0-10 volts DC Analog in

Sensor Support MKS Convectron: 275071 (1/8″ NPT), 275203 (KF16);   DigiVac: SEN-VGT500, SEN-775i, Quantum (SEN-DPP, SEN-DCP, SEN-DPCP);  Pfeiffer: PKR251, IKR251;   Agilent: FRG700, PCG-750, PCG700, 531, 536, 531 equivalent, or PVG 500;   Setra: 730 capacitance manometers;   Inficon: PSG500, PSG550, Porter, SKY, Stripe, MAG, MPG & MPG400
Valve Support Dinamo, VacStable (Bleed), Solenoid-type Bellows and Plunger, 24V valves that are less than 24 Watts

Learn more about specifications on the FYRA Data Sheet.

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FYRA Convectron Controller | Convection-enhanced Pirani