This 775i isolated piezo sensor (transducer) comes with an industry standard M12 connector and has resolution below 1 Torr.

  • Isolated piezo sensor with only 316 SS for wetted material
  • Rugged stainless steel sensor that is hermetically sealed to insure zero leakage
  • 1/8″ male NPT vacuum fitting, easily adaptable to KF
  • Measure 1 – 775 Torr without a capacitance manometer
  • Industry standard 5 volt sensor and rugged M12 connector


  • The 775i vacuum sensor can be used when an inches of mercury dial gauge lacks the resolution around 20 Torr
  • This absolute sensor is often used as an inexpensive alternative to a capacitance manometer
  • Isolated piezo sensor used in manufacturing environments to trigger equipment on or off
  • Could be used for load lock chamber lights to note a pressure below 5 Torr
  • For turning on an industrial vacuum blower at 25 Torr
  • Sensor approaches the accuracy that is required to know where water boils at ambient temperature during a vacuum drying process

Pressure Range:  2 – 775 Torr, 2.6 -1033 mbar, 15 PSIA

Total Error Band: +/- 1% of Full Scale Output, +/- 2 Torr

Vacuum Interface: 1/8” Male NPT but can be easily converted to KF using a female KF16 or KF25 adapter

Pressure Overload: 60 PSIA

Read the 775i Isolated Piezo Sensor Data Sheet here

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Isolated Piezo sensor | 1/8″ NPT | 1-775 Torr | 775i