NW to 1/8″ NPT Female Adapters| Stainless steel vacuum fitting

These vacuum fitting adapters are KF-16 or KF -25 to 1/8 in. NPT female pipe thread. They are commonly used to make connections between ISO-KF and 1/8″ NPT-Male pipe.

NW to 1/8″ NPT Female Adapter¬†Features:

  • The ISO-KF flanges are often called quick flange fittings because they are quick to assemble
  • A circumferential clamp and centering ring form the vacuum seal between the connecting flanges
  • The centering ring contains a rubber elastomer o-ring
  • They are made of corrosive resistant stainless steel

Use with our selection of NPT vacuum sensors for adapting to NPT to KF vacuum interfaces

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NW to 1/8" NPT Female
NW to 1/8″ NPT Female | Stainless Steel Adapter | NW16 & NW25