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The DigiVac Business

We have been shipping DigiVac digital vacuum gauges and controllers since 1983, and have designed many custom vacuum gauge solutions for our clients. In addition to our core vacuum gauge instrumentation business, DigiVac developed OEM designs are shipped in quantities that range from 5 to 1000 per month. DigiVac’s best customers appreciate our attention to detail, our predictable lead times and the ability to respond quickly to customer urgency. DigiVac is a New Jersey based type C corporation with headquarters at 105 Church Street, Matawan NJ 07747.

The DigiVac Team

Tim Collins is president of the company, and is responsible for overall quality, customer satisfaction and business development. He has held management, business development, consulting, sales and engineering positions at many fortune 500 companies including: Sun Microsystems (JAVA), NetApp (NTAP) and MCI. The DigiVac team is headed at the factory by Tom Bassi, our production manager. Tom focuses on insuring quality product through all stages of production, improving process and insuring the vacuum industry excellence and consistency that our customers expect. The DigiVac engineering efforts are led by Tom Matthews, our chief engineer. Tom has extensive experience in various programming languages, software quality and matching hardware and software technologies efficiently and reliably.

The DigiVac Approach

Here at DigiVac, our no nonsense and practical approach to engineering has given customers smart and efficient designs, that have industry proven precision and reliability, combined with an affordable price tag. Our commitment is to constantly refine our products based on technological and manufacturing advantages, in order to deliver a higher quality product while maintaining value to our customer. While we take advantage of technology, we reject fads or unnecessary complexity in order to maintain our status as a predictable high value supplier to our customers.

DigiVac Beginnings

Steve Collins founded Digivac in 1983. He had held many positions in engineering management throughout his career, most recently at Electro Impulse, where he designed industrial solutions for top military and commercial customers. He saw an opportunity to bring his expertise to the vacuum instrumentation and control marketplace, and thus DigiVac was born.


Our Customers Help DigiVac to be a Better Company

At DigiVac, our greatest ideas come from our customers. Many of our products start as customer inquiries. We believe that our customers know what they want, and it’s our job to fulfill that need. We encourage you to ask us how we can help. Perhaps your inquiry will help us develop the industry’s next great product for others like you!