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Product Customization

First, we’ll chat
about your needs

We employ a team of engineers to determine your specific needs for vacuum control customization

Next, we’ll start to design

We use an iterative approach to design, rigorously test and develop a product

Then, we’ll chat to perfect it

Often, many additional customer needs are discovered along the way which can be implemented in the final design

Need a custom solution for vacuum control and measurement?
Our engineers will work with you to meet your specific needs. You’ll have access to a team of vacuum engineering experts with decades of experience developing innovative solutions for vacuum control and measurement.
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Where Design Meets Expertise

The DigiVac Design advantage delivers a wealth of vacuum and process control engineering knowledge at your disposal to develop custom vacuum equipment designs that meet the discriminating needs of today’s industries.

Our StrataVac product line is build on a proprietary software platform that can be easily updated with different profiles to support measurement and control applications across the gamut of rough vacuum, process vacuum, industrial vacuum, and research and development.

You need to control a small vessel at a certain range and our current products don’t meet that specification? We have proven success in creating custom code, testing it by replicating the customer’s application in our lab, then  implementing a fully operational product for our clients. 

We have a very strategic customization process we follow to ensure we bring you exactly what you need for your applications. Our team will work closely with you, gather all the information needed, and start the vacuum control customization design process. Let us worry about the design; you just worry about providing us the details.

Let’s Collaborate

Commonly, during the design process many different combinations of components may be tested to determine if they meet the needs of the client. During this process, many times additional client needs are discovered; which are then incorporated into the final design.

Our Mission is to engineer and manufacture innovative measurement and control solutions that streamline and improve existing processes that enhance scientific outcomes. For more information about our custom vacuum equipment design process, connect with one of our engineers or technical support to get the conversation started.

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