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Bullseye Precision Gauge
No matter what industry you’re in, DigiVac’s tried-and-tested Handheld Vacuum gauge provides precise readings in hundreds of different applications.

Bullseye Precision Gauge

Handheld Vacuum Gauge

At DigiVac, we always aim to put innovative devices in the palm of your hand that will always give you the most accurate reading. With this in mind, our handheld precision vacuum gauges follow this ideal to the letter. Each of our gauges is tested and calibrated under vacuum against a NIST standard before it leaves our shop to ensure that it will provide the utmost accuracy with readings you can trust. Every Bullseye vacuum gauge has a powerful magnet and kickstand to enable hands-free operation and is available in options that will work with a variety of sensor technology (thermocouple, piezo, and capacitance manometers).

With this level of accuracy and consistency, we believe our handheld vacuum gauges are the perfect addition to your testing device toolboxes, no matter what industry you may be in. Browse our collection to find the gauge that is right for you today, we have options for rough vacuum up to ultra-high vacuum ranges.