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Discontinued product manual: The Model 2L760 is a discontinued DigiVac product. Existing customers can read the Model 2L760 manual here.

White Papers

PID Control in Vacuum Systems

“This white paper will focus on an overview of PID control with special focus on the use of PID upstream control in vacuum systems. A simple…”

Threaded Pipe Connections

“Pipe thread is a universal connection type, and is used extensively in large-scale industrial, manufacturing, and medical processes because…”

QF/KF Flanges for Improved Vacuum System Performance

“Quick-Flange vacuum fittings, known as QF, KF, NW or in some instances DN, are a widely used flange-type connection system serviceable in…”

Benefits of Vacuum Distillation in Botanical Processing

“One of the primary purposes of using vacuum in distillations is to lower the temperature required to achieve a boiling point. The target product in…”

Solvent Recovery Practices and Tips to Avoid Rotary Evaporation Mistakes

“Solvent recovery is the process of extracting target products from waste or by-product solvents generated during the manufacturing…”

Solvent Recovery Practices and Tips to Avoid Rotary Evaporation Mistakes

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IDP-3 Certification report

IDP-7/10 Certification report

IDP- 15 Certification report

Application Notes

Transformer Oil Purification with the Bullseye Precision Gauge

“Transformer oil purification is often composed of filtering and applying a vacuum to the…”

Benefits of a Pre-Calibrated Back-Up Vacuum Sensor

“Damage to sensors and units alike is an inevitable facet of field work that can put undue stress on…”

Scientific Cryogenic Work

“In the Cryogenic industry, w e find that hastings vacuum gauge thermocouple tubes are often…”

Rotary Evaporation

“The purpose of this application note is to explain low pressure vacuum distillation and how…”

Customization Examples

Food & Beverage Process Control - StrataVac Solution

“A customer needed to automate their food and beverage process to remove oxygen…”

Vacuum Control RAMP Rate - Automatic Control

“Our customer reached out looking for a way to automate their process in order to avoid…”

Case Studies

Radiation Hardened Vacuum Gauge

Making Vacuum Gauges Radiation Tolerant for High Radiation Areas

“Electronics, when exposed to radiation, will degrade and eventually fail, but methods can…”

Aspiration Vacuum Control for Medical Use

“A surgical equipment manufacturer contacted DigiVac with the problem of maintaining…”

Automated Vacuum Control System - Software Innovation

“A large research laboratory reached out to DigiVac to
help them automate their…”

Vacuum 101

Sensor Cleaning | Steps for Success

Thermocouple Technology | How it Works

Engineering Solutions to Common Problem

Cleaning Guide | SNAP

Cleaning Guide | VPC

Cleaning Guide | DINAMO

Understanding Pressure in Vacuum | Terms & Examples

Blogs and Research

Solvent Recovery and Distillation

The term ‘solvent’ refers to several chemical substances which are used to dissolve or dilute other substances or materials. They are usually organic liquids.  Solvents usually have a low boiling point and evaporate easily or can be removed by distillation, thereby leaving the dissolved substance behind. Solvents should therefore not react chemically with the dissolved compounds—they must be inert.

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Fraction Finder for Ethanol Extraction Sight Glass on Ethanol Extractor

What Extraction technique is right for you?

The cannabis market uses three main extraction techniques: CO2, liquefied hydrocarbons, and ethanol extraction.  Below explains  each method and how the extraction takes place and who and why some would use one specific method over another.

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Improving Resolution of Electron Microscopy with FYRA

A customer approached Digivac to assist with vacuum control in an electron microscope. A vacuum within the microscope deeper than 20 Pascals (approx. 150 millitorr) causes visible degradation in the final image. The customer needed the ability to measure inside the chamber and precisely control the vacuum between 20 and 30 pascals while the electron microscope captures the image. 

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DigiVac Dinamo Valve Set up

You just bought a new Digivac Dinamo valve and you’re excited to get it up and running. This blog provides your tips for optimizing your system when adding the Dinamo valve with either the StrataVac Touch or FYRA controllers.

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