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ODM | Original Design Manufacturing

Original Design Manufacturer of Vacuum Gauges and Controllers

Let us be your OEM/ODM for adding precision vacuum instrumentation and temperature control. DigiVac offers nearly 40 years of engineering expertise on staff team of hardware, software and mechanical engineers and a research laboratory to delivery precision vacuum software and hardware product development innovation. We are your trusted vacuum equipment manufacturer. 

Benefits of Making DigiVac Your OEM and ODM for Vacuum Instrumentation

The engineers at DigiVac are experts in the electronics control field. We didn’t invent thermal vacuum technology, we just made it better.

We have current relationships with large vacuum gauge manufacturers, to design and build high volumes of product for use in a variety of product lines.

Let DigiVac worry about the design, testing, and OEM vacuum equipment manufacturing of your vacuum gauge and controller products. We offer a high value product with predictable lead times and a business model that allows us to scale to any quantity quickly and efficiently.

We handle both OEM and ODM

OEM: OEM (original equipment manufacturer) facilitates the manufacture of products designed in whole or in part by the selling company. OEMs may manufacture the entire product, or a component.

ODM: ODM (original design manufacturer) has expertise in specific markets or industries, allowing them to facilitate the design and manufacturing for clients. ODMs typically have expertise in a few specific vertical industries so they can design effective products.

We are both an OEM and ODM, along with product customization and development, so consider us your one-stop shop for all of your vacuum needs.

DigiVac Electronic Controls

We are the original equipment manufacturer for many different types of electronic controls, ranging from simple to very complex. DigiVac makes electronic controls for many applications including: handheld DC motors, chillers/cooling units, freeze dryers and industrial ovens, just to name a few.

We can take any industrial, processing, R&D, or life science manufacturing process improvement need from concept to volume manufacturing in a matter of months. We can apply our existing OEM product knowledge of industrial systems, controller and software technology to your meet your needs.

DigiVac has a rich history of partnering with market leaders to design and manufacture original equipment. An example of that is the award winning Concerto see an introductory video here. or tap the play button below.

Another innovative solution for optimizing short path distillation is the Apollo vacuum controller see an explanation of the technology here, or tap the play button below.

DigiVac also has expertise in fluorometry. DigiVac is the contract manufacturer for the Arometrix Fraction Finder. Tap the play button below to learn about the technology.

To learn more about our engineering design and OEM vacuum equipment manufacturing capabilities, make sure to call us today at 732-765-0900.