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Agilent 536 KF25 / KF16 Vacuum Sensor Features

  • NW16 KF156 OR NW25 KF25 Flange, 304L Stainless Steel with the Addition of a Baffle
  • Total Range: 1 millitorr to 760 Torr
  • Range with Accuracy: .001 Torr to 6 Torr
  • Maximum bake-out temperature: 150 °C
  • The 536 KF16/25 Vacuum Sensor by Agilent is welded 304 stainless steel with an additional baffle that greatly extends the tube life when exposed to condensable gases in demanding applications like distillations, vacuum processing, and laboratory research using schlenk lines
  • Provides a continuous and repeatable indication of pressures
  • The thermocouple and heater are noble metal to minimize any possible affect of contaminants on sensor performance
  • Certifications: CE Certified and RoHS compliant

Compatible Gauges:


  • Rough Vacuum
  • Process Vacuum
  • Research and Development
  • Industrial Vacuum Applications

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536 KF25 Vacuum Sensor
Agilent 536 Vacuum Sensor, KF/NW16 or KF/NW25 | Thermocouple Tube