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Ai -30°C 10L Recirculating Chiller | 20L/Min Centrifugal Pump

Ai -30°C 10L Recirculating Chiller are true thermostatic control laboratory chillers

Applications: cooling rotary evaporators, analytical instrumentation, laser etching, ICP, vacuum systems, plasma etching and jacketed reactors. This system can also be used as a replacement to tap water cooling in laboratory applications.

Ai C30 are compressor-based recirculating chillers that offer outstanding performance and high reliability as well as quiet operation and ease-of-use. Powerful force/suction pump provides constant flow rates, while microprocessor PID controller gives you the ideal solution when you need precise temperature control or cooling below ambient temperature.

Key Specifications

  • Working Temperature:  -30° to 0°C
  • Temperature range:  Ambient to -30°C (No load)
  • Cooling Capacity: Up to  1,250W at 32°F/0°C


    • ETL tested to UL and CSA standards
    • No dry ice or liquid nitrogen needed
    • Advanced PID digital temp controller
    • Built-in chilling fluid filter protects the recirculating pump and prevent blockage
    • All steel construction for durability
    • Cost saving as the water consumption is completely eliminated
    • Built-in casters for mobility
    • Eco-friendly R410A refrigerant
    • Insulated tubing included
    • Recommended for 5L rotary evaporators




Ai -30°C 10L Recirculating Chiller | 20L/Min Centrifugal Pump Specifications:

 Model  C30-10-5L
 Temperature range  Ambient to -30°C (No load)
 Electrical requirements  220V 60Hz 1-PH, 1,100 watts (Not compatible with 50Hz power)
 Cooling capacity
(Assuming working environment
 @ 32°F/0°C:          1,250W
@ 14°F/-10°C:         800W
@-4°F/-20°C:           300W
@-22°F/-30°C:         150W
 Compressor  Make: Panasonic
Power: 208-230V 60Hz 1-PH
Number of compressor: one
Refrigerant: R410A
 Recirculating pump  Type: Centrifugal
Output: 100 watts
Pumping speed: 20 L/min or 5.3 gallon/min
Maximum head: 20 feet or 6 meter
Maximum pressure: 5.8 psi
 Coolant outlet pressure  Displayed on the built-in mechanical pressure gauge
 Reservoir  Material: Type 304 stainless steel, polished
Chilling fluid connection: 3/8″ hose barb x 2
Capacity: 10 liters or 2.6 gallons
 Temperature controller  Type: Digital microprocessor PID controlled
Display unit: Celsius °C
Temperature accuracy: +/- 2°C
Temperature range: Ambient to -30°C
 Temperature sensor type  Pt100
 Housing  Powder coated type 42 stainless steel
 Recommended coolant  For 50°F/10°C or higher:
distilled water
Between 50°F/10°C and -22°F/-30°C:
50% ethylene glycol + 50% distilled water
 Working environment  -15°C/5°F to 25°C/77°F, at <66% humidity
 Built-in swivel casters  Four
 Unit/shipping dimensions  26.5 x 17 x 27″ / 32 x 22 x 36″ (WxDxH)
 Unit/shipping weight  155 Lbs / 210 Lbs
 Safety  Compressor over-temp protection
Compressor delay start protection
Short circuit and ground protection
Over-current protection
 Recommended for rotary evaporators  Ai 5L SolventVap rotary evaporators
 Warranty  One year
 Compliance  UL 61010-1 :2012 Ed.3+R:29Apr2016
CSA C22.2#61010-1 :2012 Ed.3
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For more documentation, please visit DigiVac’s folder.

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Ai -30°C 10L Recirculating Chiller
Ai -30°C 10L Recirculating Chiller | 20L/Min Centrifugal Pump