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AMP Cold Trap with Offset Ports

The AMP cold trap with offset KF25 ports are designed with ease of operation and maintenance in mind.  The stainless steel body has offset ports for increased surface exposure to the airflow and is highly modular to various processes’ needs.

For a more customized experience, there are add-ons that can be bought in addition to the base stainless steel body – such as a 1L expansion to collect additional condensate or a LN2 compatible top.  Additionally, the 1 L canister can be fitted with 1.5″ site glass for monitoring.  A 3/8 swagelok ball valve that can be installed on a custom 4″ end cap is available as well.


AMP Cold Trap with Offset Port Features

  • Offset KF25 ports with open top
  • 250mL condensate capacity
  • 1.5″ sanitary flange drain with blank and fitting


Add-On Options

  • Cold trap top for LN2 use with 2 1/2″ swagelok
  • 1L condensate collection expansion
    • Add-On for 1L Expansion: 1.5″ site glass and 3/8 swagelok ball valve installed on custom 4″ end cap

***Please Note: The site glass and ball valve custom end cap add-ons are only available if the 1L condensate collection expansion add-on is selected.


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