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Apiezon Vacuum Grade Grease Type L, compared to other Apiezon greases, contains lower molecular weight wax and is reported to contain absolutely no additives. Apiezon L vacuum grease is a silicone- and halogen-free ultra high vacuum grease suitable for use scientific and industrial applications.

Ultimate vapor pressure:  2 x 10-11 Torr at 20° C  | the best of all the Apiezon greases

The grease can be used in gas liquid chromatography applications and, the ground glass joints of any vacuum system. L Grease is regularly used by highly respected organizations such as The European Space Agency, NASA and NATO.

Melting Point: The melting point is quite low and is strictly for room temperature applications. Apiezon vacuum grade grease, type L is not recommended for use at temperatures exceeding 30° C

Do not use this grease near the filament housing (which gets quite hot) in any SEM or TEM since there would be quite substantial off-gassing of the low melting point product.

Additive Free: this grease is completely hydrocarbon and is totally free of any silicones or halogens.

Versatility: It can be dissolved in a variety of organic solvents.

One advantage of Apiezon L over greases, such as silicon greases, is that it can be dissolved in a number of different solvent liquids for a more highly controlled deposition on a surface.

Hexane: Apiezon L will dissolve in hexane to 11% weight/weight. When heated to 50°C , the solution becomes cloudy.

d-limonene: This might be a better solvent, it is extracted from orange peel and can be purchased from the Florida Chemical Company, Inc. This leaves a gel at room temperature and a concentration of 11%weight/weight. When heated to 50°C, the solution becomes clear which indicates that although the grease is molten at this temperature, it is still compatible with the solvent. Lower temperatures might be possible but we have data only for 50°C.

Toluene: Behaves similarly to d-limonene but remains slightly cloudy at 50°C.

Apiezon Greases T and H are recommended for these higher temperatures.

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Apiezon L High Vacuum Grease
APIEZON L Ultra High Vacuum Grade Grease | 25g | 2×10-11 torr at 20° C, Silicone & Halogen Free