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The Vacuum Gauge App (Android Versions 10+) for Bullseye Precision Gauge with Bluetooth allow you to monitor vacuum directly from your Android device. Features vacuum alerting, monitoring, and sharing functions.

A comprehensive tool to track, log, graph, share and analyze vacuum levels and trends. Ideal for vacuum pump testing and leak detection. This is the first vacuum gauge App available for the medium vacuum range, where the customer’s typical range of use is in the micron or millitorr range.

The App reads vacuum in the following units: millitorr, microns, Torr, mbar, Pa, feet (altitude at standard temperature and pressure), PSI, PSIA, and inches of mercury.

The distance between the vacuum gauge and the tablet or mobile device is about 300 feet line of sight. The signal is sent via Bluetooth Low Energy, or Bluetooth 4.0. The signal can go through some walls and around some curves, but that will diminish the overall distance.

Key Features:

  • Graphing of Vacuum Levels Over Time
  • Data Logging and Sharing
  • Remote Viewing
  • Bluetooth Alarms
  • Communication

Graphing of Vacuum Levels Over Time:

Create a vacuum pressure vs. time graph with several time durations available from 10 seconds through 24 hours. Capture data at custom intervals (see Data Logging feature) for a comprehensive picture of how vacuum levels change over time. Ideal for vacuum pump testing or performing a vacuum pump baseline.

  • Especially useful if you are trying to troubleshoot leaks or other vacuum problems and need remote team collaboration
  • Helps you prove that a particular vacuum level was reached | Provides functional data for warranty purposes in large HVAC systems or proof of adherence to standard operating procedures for transformer or utility work

Data Logging & Sharing:

Enables the user to choose how often data is logged. Capture data at custom intervals for a comprehensive picture of how vacuum levels change over time. Generate .csv files and graphs and share instantly with others.

  • Once per second might be used to look at a scientific process, distillation or documenting vacuum pump performance. 
  • Once per minute might be useful for documenting a process that runs for an hour or more.  
  • Once per hour might be useful to document a transformer dryout or process that runs for 12 ~ 48 hours.

Remote Viewing:

Multi-task freely while having your current gauge reading at your fingertips. No need to sit and monitor a gauge in-person. For evacuations that take several minutes, a technician can be working with other parts of the system or doing other tasks, while using the alarm feature (see below) to stay apprised of the current vacuum in the system.  This solves the frustration that happens when a fairly lengthy pump down service stalls potentially wasting hours of your time.

Bluetooth Alarms:

Many portable gauges have this, but having this via a Bluetooth connection is much more useful. The portable gauge alarm requires you to be right there to hear it.  This Vacuum Gauge App alarm can be set at any value between 1 millitorr and 760,000 millitorr.  When the vacuum level falls below this value, the alarm will sound on your tablet or smartphone, alerting you when the target vacuum pressure level has been reached.

The Vacuum Gauge 2.0 app communicates with so system pressures can be viewed from anywhere in the world. While the phone or tablet hosting the app will need to be within 300 feet of the gauge, the customer and gauge ID’s created will allow logging onto the DigiVac cloud site to view specific gauge data from across the room, across the country, or across the ocean.

You will receive a link to download the FREE app following website order.

If you have an Android device with a Version under 10, please visit this app page instead.

Download The Vacuum Gauge Android App Here 

Read the app manual here.


User Manual

For more documentation, please visit DigiVac’s folder.

Technical Specifications

Units millitorr, microns, Torr, mbar, Pa, and inches of mercury
Compatibility Android Versions 10+
App Allowances

Make sure the following is activate in order to optimize app function

  • Location permission
    • Allow all the time
  • Storage permissions
    • Allow access to media only

Vacuum Gauge App Set up Walk Through

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Vacuum Gauge App (Android Versions 10+) | For DigiVac Bullseye Gauges with Bluetooth