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The FRACTION FINDER ensures precision and repeatability for every short path distillation run, which translates to purer, more consistent distillate products. This in-line molecular detection system can be used to find fractions during short path and wiped film distillation.

  • In-line UV fluorescence sensor with real-time digital display
  • Portable and in-situ, ideal for confirming distillation contents at any given moment
  • Assess trends, observe for oddities, and optimize SOPs (standard operating procedures)
  • Track fractions and fraction changes so that you can make the most optimal process decisions
  • System includes: Fraction Finder display, sensor, cords, and light-blocking tape

The traditional method of botanical distillation has been using temperature, vacuum, flow, and color changes to determine fraction changes. The FRACTION FINDER provides a more direct and scientific method of doing this, acting as an additional tool for operators.

Fraction Finder Applications

  • Fractional Distillation: Detect fraction changes between “Heads”, “Main Body”, and “Tails”
  • Supports: Short path distillation, wiped film evaporation, thin film distillation
  • NOTE: If you are interested in using this Arometrix technology for extraction, please see the Extraction Finder package page

In-Line Distillation Detection

  • UV fluorescence sensor that attaches directly on the glassware apparatus
  • Real-time sensor readings which transmit to a digital readout
  • Graphical display for instant determination of fractions

Intuitive Molecular Tracking for Short Path Distillation 

  • Identify transitions between distillation fractions, also known as “Heads”, “Main Bodies”, and “Tails”
  • Track for the appearance of botanical fractions
  • Set Molecule indicators and “Custom” wavelength ranges to track fluorescent signals for molecules of interest

Revolutionary Software Analytics

  • User-friendly touch-screen allows for overlaying and zooming in on wavelength fluorescence
  • Record, export, and review process data in a CSV file after the process
  • Update software with easily downloadable software with releases every few months

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User Manual Chemical Cheat Sheet Quick Start Guide ROI Case Studies

For more documentation, please visit DigiVac’s folder.

Technical Specifications

Units Wavelength Nanometers (nanometers); Wavelength Intensity Values (arbitrary units)
Total Range 300 – 1000 nanometers
Accuracy Spectral resolution: 15 nm max
Sensor Type In-situ fluorescence spectroscopy sensor (contains an optical light pulse and UV fluorescence detector)
Shipping Dimensions 10″x10″x8″
Certifications Peer-reviewed research article, published by CS&T

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