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Fredericks, Televac 2A vacuum sensor | thermocouple vacuum gauge tube

Total Range:  1 – 20000 microns

Part number: 2-2100-10

Vacuum Interface: 1/8” NPT Nickel-plated Brass (need a different interface? you can either adapt or contact us for pricing on a the vacuum interface you need.

Thermocouple tube (also often called a Pirani or vacuum pressure gauge) indirectly measures absolute pressure by detecting the thermal dissipation of a filament

Televac 2A Sensor | Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge Tube (Pirani) Features

  • Low cost Pirani vacuum pressure gauge
  • Compact, robust, contamination resistant vacuum transducer

2A thermocouple vacuum gauge tube (also often called a Pirani or vacuum pressure gauge) is widely considered our most robust and contamination resistant low vacuum pressure gauge due to the Pirani filament design and operating temperature, and it’s simple to install because it can be mounted in any orientation.

The 2A thermocouple vacuum pressure gauge tube’s primary limitation is that with all of our vacuum controllers, this thermocouple vacuum pressure gauge will only read from 1*10-3 Torr (1 micron) to 20 Torr (20,000 microns), instead of all the way up to atmosphere (760 Torr).

  • Thermocouple Gauge Sensors
  • Range: 1 to 20,000 microns
  • Calibration Medium: Dry Air
  • Dimension: w1-1/4 ” diameter x 3″ high
  • Operating Temperature: 1°C to 65°C
  • Other available Vacuum System End connections: NPT, NW, CF, 3/8″, and 1/2″ VCO and VCR fittings

The Model 2A Thermocouple Sensor tube consists of a tube containing a filament heated by the passage of a constant current. A thermocouple is welded to the center of this heated element thereby providing a means of directly measuring the element temperature in terms of voltage output.

For any constant value of current through the filament, the temperature of the filament increases as the pressure in the tube is reduced. The thermocouple voltage is directly proportional to the increased temperature of the filament, and thus generates an increase in voltage.

Sensitive circuitry includes the thermocouple output directly in microns. The standard sensor tube has nickel-plated, forged-brass housing which makes it capable of withstanding 150 psi overpressure.

All thermocouple elements are pre-oxidized under controlled conditions to provide interchangeability of tubes without recalibration. This process also provides high stability and minimizes the effect of contamination.

Need Stainless Steel? Contact us for pricing and lead time: Stainless steel versions are available as for the following part number.

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Fredericks 2A Televac 2A vacuum sensor
Fredericks, Televac 2A thermocouple sensor NPT | Range 1 to 20000 microns