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The Teledyne Hastings DV-6M Vacuum Sensor is thermocouple vacuum gauge tube that can measure pressure between 0.001 and 1 Torr (1 to 1000 mTorr).

Please note:  The DV-6R is the ruggedized version (rugged steel body) of the DV-6M

  • Pairs with the DigiVac Model 100H 
  • Measures in millitorr
  • Absolute vacuum reference
  • Millivolt output
  • Hastings DV-6 vacuum tubes are calibrated for nitrogen or air, but conversion to other gases are available
  • Vacuum Sensors are matched and interchangeable without calibration adjustments
For the DV-6M: Standard Gauge Tube Specs
• Hermetically Sealed base with glass. • Stainless Steel and Nickel Plated components. • Color coded label
 Max Temp: 100°C • Max Press: 150psig

Access data sheet here.

Vacuum Interface: 1/8″ Male NPT

Applications: Cryogenics, vacuum furnaces, pharmaceutical manufacturing, freeze drying, air conditioning and HVAC, plasma coating

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Hastings DV-6M Vacuum Sensor Teledyne
Hastings DV-6M Vacuum Sensor | Thermocouple Gauge Tube | 1/8″ NPT