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High Capacity Diaphragm Pump 2067, Welch

Welch chemical duty pump: Model 2067B-01 is a powerful, dry, chemical duty vacuum pump. The very high flow of 221 lit/min, along with the ultimate vacuum of 56 Torr, makes this quiet diaphragm pump the perfect networked vacuum pump. The 2067 can power a lab of over 20 nozzles, depending on piping runs.

This Welch diaphragm pump | chemical duty pump can be used for any harsh chemical service. The Welch PTFE pumps are designed for quick and easy, infrequent maintenance. This Chemical duty pump from Welch is a light weight and quiet diaphragm membrane vacuum pump that provides excellent performance for rotary evaporators, vacuum ovens, degassing, mixing and networked vacuum projects.

Note: Due to Government Regulations, we will not export this product outside the US unless an end-user certification is in place.

Welch Diaphragm Pump Model 2067B-01 Range of Applications:

• Harsh Chemical Fume Applications • Small, lightweight, oil-free, low maintenance

• Pilot plant, light applications

Use this resource to help determine the pumping speed you need. Got questions about which Vacuum Pump or Vacuum Controller is best for your particular application? Contact our technical sales team.


User Manual

For more documentation, please visit DigiVac’s folder.

Technical Specifications

Power 100-120V or 200-230V switchable
Displacement 50 or 60Hz
Peak pumping speed 50 or 60Hz
60 m3h-1 / 35 ft3min-1
40 m3h-1 / 23.5 ft3min-1
Ultimate vacuum (Total pressure) 5 x 10-2 mbar / 4 x 10-2 Torr
Max continuous inlet pressure 40 mbar / 30 Torr
Max continuous outlet pressure 0.2 bar gauge / 2.9 psig
Max allowed inlet and GB pressure 0.5 bar gauge / 7 psig
Motor power 0.52kW
Power connector IEC EN60320 C19
Nominal rotation speed 1750 rpm
Weight 48 kg / 105 lb
Inlet / exhaust flange NW40 / NW25
Noise and vibration level 55.4 dB (A), <4.5mms -1 (rms)
Leak tightness (static) <1 x 10-6 mbar ls-1
Operating temperature range 10 to 40 °C / 50 to 104 °F
Compliance UL, CE, ATEX

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Welch chemical duty pump | 2067B-01
High Capacity Diaphragm Pump, Welch 2067B-01, PTFE Contact Surfaces
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