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Right Angle Valve, Stainless Steel, Electropneumatic, Viton® Bonnet and Poppet |PSA-150-K-N

Conductance SA valve

Valve Features

  • Liters / Sec: 47.0
  • Stainless steel type 304L electropolished valve bodies
  • All valve bodies are manufactured using the “Pulled Port” method
  • All valve bodies are electropolished for corrosion resistance, minimal surface area and faster pump downs
  • Compact physical “footprint” of valve assembly
  • Viton® seals standard, upon request other appropriate materials are available
  • High conductance design
  • Long life stainless steel bellow assembly stem seals
  • 3/8″ through 3″ valves have welded bellows stem seals; 4″ valves have formed bellows stem seals
  • All weld joints are internal or 100% penetration


Mounting / Testing

Valves can be mounted in any position. However the correct or preferred method is to mount the lower port of the valve (the poppet side) towards the vacuum pump. This helps minimize volume and also helps by “pulling” the poppet closed. All valves guaranteed leak tested on a helium mass spectrometer with a sensitivity of 5 x 10-10 torr.

Electropneumatic valve

  • Standard 1/8″ female NPT inlet for compressed air supply
  • Field proven piston design
  • 60 to 100 psi operation
  • 3/8″ OD through 2″ OD valves are spring loaded (fail-safe) normally closed; valves with 2-1/2″ OD and larger ports are air to open, air to close.
  • 120/60 solenoid supplied standard; other voltages are available, see options data block located on


Additional Information Data Sheet

For more documentation, please visit DigiVac’s folder.

Technical Specifications

Part Number PSA-150-K-N
 Tube OD   1-1/2″
Port Style NW 40
Valve type  Conductance SA valve
Dimensions- A     B    C     D      E 7.50   2.46   2.46   2.75   4.95
Liters / Sec:  47.0

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