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MPT 200 | Cold Cathode Pirani

MPT 200 AR, DN 40 ISO-KF, RS-485, analog cold cathode pirani .


Pfeiffer Vacuum MPT 200 AR, DN 40 ISO-KF, RS-485, analog cold cathode pirani, Analog/Relay, Display , Pfeiffer Vacuum Gauges, PT R40 151

  • Customizable to vacuum application
  • Analog output, set points and display
  • Nominal diameter DN 40 ISO-KF
  • Filament Tungsten
  • Materials in contact with media Stainless steel, Tungsten, gold, silicon oxide, glass
  • (PN): PT R40 151

Full range gauge including a Pirani and cold cathode gauge.

Pirani Features

The Pfeiffer Vacuum MPT200 Gauge has been designed for vacuum measurement of gases in a pressure range of 5 x 10-9 through 1000 mbar. MPT200 Digital Pirani gauge must not be used for measuring flammable or combustible gases in mixtures containing oxidants (e.g. atmospheric oxygen) within the explosion range. The MPT200 Digital Pirani gauge consists of two separate measurement systems (Pirani and cold cathode system) the signals of which are combined in such a way that one uniform measurement signal is output.

  • Measurement range:
    • 5 · 10-9 – 1 · 103 hPa
  • Accuracy Specifications:
    • 1 · 10-8 – 2 · 10-3 hPa = ± 25 %
    • 10 – 1000 hPa = ± 30 %

The Pfeiffer DigiLine gauges are designed for industrial and research applications requiring total pressure measurement that is reliable and easy to install with digital signal output. The series covers the technically relevant vacuum range with measuring principles encompassing piezo, Pirani, capacitive, hot cathode and cold cathode sensors. All gauges have an RS-485 interface which can be used to connect up to 16 measuring points to a controller. The M12 connector assemblies qualify these vacuum gauges for usage in heavy-duty environments. The gauges can be operated in a communication network with accessories from the current HiPace turbopump range.

The Pfeiffer ActiveLine series offers a wide range of vacuum gauges that work on a variety of measuring principles and have a classic analog signal output. The series thus covers the technically relevant vacuum range from ultra-high vacuum to overpressure. The outlet voltage of the transmitter, that is proportional to the pressure, can be displayed as pressure on the three controllers or read into controllers through analog inputs for further processing.

The Pfeiffer CenterLine uses state-of-the-art controllers that allow communication via USB and Ethernet interfaces, and the brilliant LCD screen makes it easier to read the measured value. The gauges are automatically detected by the controller, which makes for safe and easy installation. In addition to the analog output, some gauges have set points for better process control.

The Pfeiffer ModulLine series includes three Pirani TPR vacuum gauges with a measuring range of 760 to 0.6 mTorr, three IKR cold cathode vacuum gauges with a measuring range of 3.75 mTorr to 7.5 · 10-12 Torr, and two IMR hot cathode vacuum gauges with a measuring range of 17.5 mTorr to 1.5· 10-12 Torr. Since these vacuum gauges do not contain any electronics, they are also suitable for use in high-radiation environments. An extensive range of cables, including high-temperature cables and cables with double shielding, and two controllers, complete this measurement equipment line. The individually configurable TPG 300 controllers can have two measuring boards for up to four TPR and IKR-type vacuum gauges. Another socket is for an interface board for serial interfaces RS-232/RS-485 and relay contacts. Controller IMG 400 is used for connecting IMR-type vacuum gauges. Both controllers can also be connected to Profibus DP with an optional interface board.

The Pfeiffer Handheld TPG 201 and 202 gauges are battery-operated offering an easy way to display and record pressures. The TPG 201 works on the principle of heat transfer (Pirani). The TPG 202 also has a piezo-resistive pressure transducer for the higher-pressure range, which works irrespective of the type of gas. Depending upon the unit, the handheld gauges cover the pressure range of between 900 Torr and 3.75· 10-4 Torr. Handheld units are equipped with a display which allows the pressure to be read off directly on the unit. The readings can also be read out through the USB interface with the aid of DokuStar software. A handy accessory case is optionally available.


Ambient temperature 5-60 °C | 41-140 °F | 278-333 K
Anode Mo
Attribute Cold Cathode sensor can be switched on and off via interface
Bakeout temperature at the flange 160 °C | 320 °F | 433 K
Cold cathode sensor control Cold Cathode sensor can be switched on and off via interface
I/O interfaces RS-485, analog 0 – 10 V
Materials in contact with media Tungsten, stainless steel, nickel, molybdenum, glass
Measurement cable length 100 m
Measuring cycle 10 ms
Measuring method Pirani/Cold Cathode
Measuring range 5 · 10-9 – 1 · 103 hPa
Nominal diameter DN 40 ISO-KF
Precision: 1 · 10-8 – 2 · 10-3 hPa ± 25 %
Precision: 10 – 1000 hPa ± 30 %
Precision: 2 · 10-3 – 10 hPa ± 10 %
Pressure max. 10,000 hPa | 7,500 Torr | 10,000 mbar
Protection degree IP54
Repeatability: 1 · 10-2 – 10 hPa ± 2 %
Repeatability: 1 · 10-8 – 1 · 10-2 hPa ± 7 %
Seal Metal
Supply: consumption max. 3.7 W
Supply: power consumption 3.7 W
Supply: Voltage V DC 24 V DC
Temperature: Storage -40-65 °C | -40-149 °F | 233-338 K
Weight 580 g


Adapters (electrical)

    • Adapter Cables

    • Adapter Measurement

    • RS-232/485


    • Analog/relay cables

    • Connection cables

    • RS-485 Interface cables

Control Devices

    • Power supplies and control displays




Data Sheet | Operation Manual | Supplementary Information

For more documentation, please visit DigiVac’s folder.

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PT R40 151
MPT 200 | Cold Cathode Pirani with Display