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DB9 Active Gauge Power Supply by DigiVac |

Versatile: The PS-24-0.6A-DB9 CM active gauge power supply has interchangeable international plugs and is CE and UL compliant

Analog Output Wires for Easy Integration: This power supply has the proper electrical pinout and any safeguards required according to gauge manufacturers’ published specifications

  • A red and a black wire are attached to the proper analog output pins, stripped and tinned to facilitate easy connection into a volt meter, PLC or control equipment
  • This power supply works with MKS 722B, Brooks  CMC and Setra 730 capacitance manometers or others that have a DB9 electrical interface
  • Power supply includes international plugs for US, AU, EU and UK

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DB9 Active Gauge Power Supply by DigiVac
DB9 Active Gauge Power Supply | PS-24-0.6A-DB9 CM