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TPG 201 | Pirani Handheld Vacuum Gauge | NIST Certified

Pre-owned Pfeiffer TPG 201 Portable Pirani Gauge, KF16 inlet, No Kit, Gauge Only | NIST Certified


Pfeiffer TPG-201 Portable Pirani Gauge AC or DC Power Operation.

The Pfeiffer TPG-201 Portable Pirani gauge is a battery operated handheld gauge. It can be operated with a 9V battery, or alternately with a 12V external power supply. With a Measurement range from 1.2 x 103 to 5 x 10-4mbar and an NW/KF-16 flange it’s perfect for low and medium vacuum applications. The TPG-201 has an integrated data logger and can be connected to a computer and operated using DokuStar software (not provided with gauge). The DokuStar Software is only available with the TPG 201/202 Accessories kit.
  • Battery-operated handheld vacuum gauge
  • Measurement range from 5 · 10-4 – 1000 hPa
  • Data logging function
  • Data readout by PC
  •  DN 16 ISO-KF
  • NIST certified
  • (PN): PT G28 201

Full range gauge including Pirani sensor.

Pirani Features

The Pfeiffer Handheld TPG 201 and 202 gauges are battery-operated offering an easy way to display and record pressures. The TPG 201 works on the principle of heat transfer (Pirani). The TPG 202 also has a piezo-resistive pressure transducer for the higher-pressure range, which works irrespective of the type of gas. Depending upon the unit, the handheld gauges cover the pressure range of between 900 Torr and 3.75· 10-4 Torr. Handheld units are equipped with a display which allows the pressure to be read off directly on the unit. The readings can also be read out through the USB interface with the aid of DokuStar software. A handy accessory case is optionally available.


Battery type
  • 9 V Bloc, 6LR61, AlMn
  • 9 V Bloc, 6LR61, Lithium
  • Metal
Pressure max. 4000 hPa
Attribute Pirani sensor
Electrical connection Jack bush 2.5 mm for power supply
Precision: 10 – 100 hPa ± 30 %
Precision: 2 · 10<sup>-3</sup> – 10 hPa 10 %
Weight 195 g
Power consumption 110 mW
Materials in contact with media Nickel, stainless steel, tungsten, glass-feedthroughs
Measuring range 5E-4 – 1E3 hPa
Nominal diameter DN 16 ISO-KF
Interface: Type Mini-USB, Type B
Protection degree IP40
Temperature: Storage -20 – 60 °C
Ambient temperature 5 – 50 °C
Supply 9 V battery or external 12 … 15 V DC


Data Sheet | Operation Manual NIST Calibration Certified 

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TPG 201 | Pirani Handheld Vacuum Gauge