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Vacuum System Software | Track Your Vacuum Historical Data is the DigiVac cloud where you can log in with your personalized gauge and customer IDs to view vacuum readouts logging from all of your Bluetooth enabled Bullseye Precision Gauge devices and Wi-Fi enabled StrataVac controllers.

  • Vacuum System Software: Used as an extension of the Vacuum Gauge App to better monitor your vacuum system
  • View your vacuum pressures from across the room, across the state, or even across the country!
  • New data is plotted every 10 seconds
  • Easily share your system’s pressures with your team by providing them with the gauge and customer ID. You will no longer need to share this information via email!

How to Create Your Own Smart URL for is a tool used by StrataVac (with Wi-Fi) and  Bullseye Precision Gauge Bluetooth owners to monitor their vacuum system from anywhere in the world. By connecting via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, depending upon the gauge you own, you can create a login account to use on and view your system’s activity. You can then share this login information with anyone you like, but if you are wary of sharing these credentials, an easy solution to allow someone to view your gauges without logging in is to create a smart URL. 

How do you create a smart URL? Follow the steps below and you will soon be on your way to worry-free vacuum system sharing! 

  1. Follow the instructions in your Bullseye App manual or StrataVac Wi-Fi addendum to connect your instrument to vacuum
  2. Create a Customer ID and Gauge ID that is easy to remember
    1. Example: Customer ID = DigiVac Gauge ID= StrataVac
  3. Stream over to and log in
  4. Open a new browsing tab
  5. Type in the following website (insert your Customer ID) 

At this time you should see your gauge activity appearing on the graph.

3 Benefits for Tracking Your Vacuum Measurement History

Congratulations for owning either a Bluetooth Bullseye or a StrataVac with WiFi! Did you know that you have access to your very own personalized account on our network Read on to learn about the benefits of viewing your vacuum system while it is running in real time from your laptop or your phone’s browser. Left a process running at the shop? No worries, check on it from the ball field! But wait there’s more! 

Did you know you can view your system’s history and search for data from specific date ranges with vacuum system software developed by DigiVac?

We have made accessing your vacuum system data on history easy in 3 easy steps! 

  1. Log into your account using your Customer ID and Gauge ID
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and in the “from” and “to” boxes use the pop up calendar to select a date range
    1. Note: If you do not wish to choose a date range, no worries! Your data’s full history will display.
  3. Hit “submit”

Voila! Your specified search history is displayed.

3  Benefits for Tracking Your Vacuum Measurement History

  1. Pinpointing the moment something went wrong 
    1. Locate the time frame in which an error in your process occurred so you determine what may have caused it
  2. Detect trends in your vacuum process
    1. Use your vacuum network history to detect patterns or trends in your system’s run
  3. Only sharing information pertinent to the receiver
    1. If you are looking to share your data with a colleague, you do not need to overwhelm them with a full history, you can give them a date range so they only see information relevant to them.

Watch this video of Tim Collins (DigiVac’s CEO) using to assist in verifying function and safety of a vacuum pump down solution.


Instructions Bullseye App Manual

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Compatibility StrataVac (with Wi-Fi) and Bullseye Precision Gauges with Bluetooth

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