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  • Portable Instrument Case


    Case for carrying model 100 gauges


    • Protects model 100 gauge from outside contaminants when in transport
    • Over the shoulder strap makes transportation hands free
    • Large compartment that will not compress or bend gauge cables
    • Great for incidents where field vacuum measurements are necessary
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  • DigiVac's Hard Case for Bullseye Preceision Gauge

    Hard Case for Bullseye Precision Gauge I Protective Case for the Bullseye



    Hard case for carrying the Bullseye Precision Gauge


    • Protects Bullseye Precision Gauge from outside contaminants when in transport
    • Large compartment with foam insert that will not compress or bend gauge cables
    • Protects instrument investments


    *Gauge shown in image to the left to be purchased separately
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  • ID Wire Reinforced PVC Tubing

    PVC Hose | 3 Sizes Available



    ID wire reinforced PVC tubing. Select from three sizes: 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″. Priced per foot.


    • Economical resource that can be used for mechanical roughing lines
    • Flexibility makes use in vacuum easy
    • Wire reinforcement prevents the tube from collapsing
    • Available in multiple sized, broadening its range of use
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  • Vacuum Grease

    Vacuum Grease


    Vacuum Grease Ideal for lightly moistening the viton on the centering ring of KF fittings to aid in making leak free connections

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  • Hose Clamp

    Hose Clamps | 3 Sizes Available


    Hose Clamp for ID Tubing. Select from three sizes: 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″.

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  • Test Port


    Vacuum tube valve port

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  • Siphon


    Oil mist mitigator

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  • Multi-React



    The DigiVac Multi-React software enables real vacuum analytics at the operator's finger tips


    • Tranforms any DigiVac vacuum controller equipped with Ethernet into a system analysis tool
    • Monitor up to 20 instruments on 1 pane of glass
    • Log, plot and print vacuum telemetry from different parts of vacuum process
    • Change set points, PID variables and logging parameters all from a console
    • Works with MKS and Setra capacitance manometers, Inficon Pirani 550, 750, MPG400 and CDG gauges, Pfeiffer PKR251, IKR251, Agilent 531 & 536 tubes in conjunction with a StrataVac controller


    Excellent for vacuum pump rebuilders for vacuum pump down curves, load lock process variable tracking, complex distillation setups and refining vacuum bagging techniques

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