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Agilent PCG750 | Pirani Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge

The Agilent PCG750 series active gauges combine Pirani and ceramic capacitance diaphragm sensors into a single design. These gauges provide gas-type independence and increased accuracy in the range from 3.8 x 10-5 Torr (5 x 10-5 mbar). At low pressures, only the signal of the Pirani sensor is used for pressure measurement; at high pressures, only the signal of the diaphragm capacitive sensor is used. To determine the output signal in the intermediate range, both signals are used proportionally to the pressure.

Model Options

  • PCG750KF16 | PCG-750 Pirani/capacitance diaphragm gauge, tungsten filaments, NW 16KF
  • PCG750KF16SD2 | PCG-750 Pirani/capacitance diaphragm gauge, tungsten filaments, with setpoints, LCD display, NW 16KF, Torr


  • High accuracy and reproducibility at atmosphere
  • Fast atmospheric detection
  • Gas-type independent above 10mbar
  • Compact, rugged housing that mounts in any orientation with a logarithmic signal output
  • Set point control
  • Exchangeable plug and play sensor
  • Optional Nickel filament option
  • Optional Bright color LCD display option


  • Reliable atmospheric pressure monitoring
  • Shortens process cycle times
  • Allows safe venting with any gas mixture
  • Ease of integration
  • Utilize pressure readings to perform critical operations
  • Easy to repair with low cost of ownership
  • Solution for corrosive applications
  • Monitor pressure readings easily
  • Portable and includes a bright, easily read display


  • Leak detection
  • Medium and Rough Vacuum
  • Pharmaceuticals

DigiVac Recommendations

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Operation Manual | Data Sheet


  • ± 2.5 % (950 to 1050 mbar)
  • ± 5 % (100 to 950 mbar)
  • ± 15 % (1×10-3 to 100 mbar)
  • ± 50 % (5×10-5 to 1×10-3 mbar)
Ambient Operating Temperature
  • +10 to +50 °C
Ambient Storage Temperature
  • -20 to +65 °C
Analog Output
  • 0-10.23 VDC
Electrical Connection
  • FCC, 8 pin
Maximum Baking Temperature
  • 80 °C
Measurement Range
  • 5 x 10-5 to 1500 mbar
  • 3.8 x 10-5 to 1125 Torr

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Agilent PCG750 | Pirani Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge