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Edwards APG200 High Performance Compact Pirani Gauge

Edwards APG200 series high performance compact Pirani Gauge is the perfect vacuum measurement solution across a spectrum of applications due to its compact size, LED light ring, integrated set points and flexibility of connections/outputs.

Edwards production facility in the UK has been making and designing vacuum gauging for decades. With this experience we have been able to develop a gauge that has a 25% reduced package size, with no loss in performance. And by owning not only the measuring technology, but also the electronic development and manufacture we have been able to maximize the features we can offer.

With a range of upgrades and feature enhancements, the Edwards APG200 is suitable for all vacuum markets, from analytical instruments who can take advantage of the reduced size and flexible outputs, to Semiconductor for whom the new interfaces and light rings enable better maintenance of systems, to Research and development for whom the local pressure indication helps to monitor experiments away from the main interfaces.

Measurement Range: ATM to 3.75×10-4 torr

Accuracy: Atmosphere to 100 +-50% | 100 to 1e-3 +-15% | 1e-3 to 5e-4 +-50%


Edwards APG200 Features

  • Light ring pressure indication
  • Compact size
  • Long filament
  • Integrated filter
  • Wide range power supply
  • Drop in compatibility
  • Digital/analogue
  • Set point relay


  • Compact package with increased digital interfaces and visual aids that meet new standards
  • Reliable vacuum process that gives great performance across its lifetime
  • Easily upgradeable and changeable


  • Analytical instruments
  • Semiconductor
  • Medical


General Product Information

Dimension Length 0.063 
Connection Vacuum Inlet Flange DN 25 ISO-KF (NW25)
Supply Frequency DC Voltage
Weight 0.120 
Dimension Height 0.037 
Dimension Width 0.040 
Supply Voltage DC 15-48V
IP Rating IP40
Connection Power RJ45 (FCC 68) – Female
Recommended Controller ADC – Gauge Controller

TIC – Instrument Controller

dimensionsCombinedLengthWidthHeight 0.063 



Material of Construction

Material Body Stainless Steel 1.4404 / 316 L / X2 CrNiMo 17 13 2
Material Exposed To Vacuum Tungsten/Rhenium, Stainless steel, 316L and 304L, Glass, Ni, NiFe, Stainless steel 302S26
Material Filament Tungsten/Rhenium


Product Pressure Range Medium Vacuum – 1 mbar – 1*10-3 mbar

Rough Vacuum 1000 mbar – 1 mbar

Principle Of Measurement Pirani – thermal conductivity vacuum gauge

Operation Conditions – Limitations

Pressure Inlet Continous Max. 1.500 × 10⁵ 
Pressure Inlet Max Overpressure 1.000 × 10⁶ 
Temperature Baking Max. 60.00 
Temperature Baking Max. (Elec. Removed) 150.00 

Performance Data

Pressure Measurement Max. 1.013 × 10⁵ 
Measurement Uncertainty 1000 to 100 mbar ±50%

10 to 1×10-3 mbar ±15%

1×10-3 to 5×10-4 mbar ±50%

Pressure Measurement Min.. 0.050 
Power Consumption Max 1W

Environmental Conditions

Temperature Ambient Operation Min. 5.00 
temperatureAmbientOperationMax 60.00 
Temperature Ambient Storage Min. -30.00 
Temperature Ambient Storage Max. 70.00 


Variant Gauges APG-XM (linear analog 0-10V output, medium pressure)
Certificated Pressure Measurement None

Connectivity – Communication Interface

Communication Interfaces Customer 0-10 V (analog output – linear)
Connection electrical comms interface connector RJ45 (FCC 68) – Female
Setpoint Quantity 0
Status Indicator LED Light Ring
Communication Interface Protocol 1.9 – 9.1 V log linear with pressure


Data Sheet | Instruction Manual | Brochure

For more documentation, please visit DigiVac’s folder.

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Edwards APG200-XM-NW25 | High Performance Compact Pirani Gauge | ATM to 3.75×10-4 torr