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Edwards Barocel 7000 Series | Capacitance Manometers

Edwards Barocel 7000 series is Edward’s most accurate offering ever in vacuum gauging. The Barocel 7000 series has 3 main variants,  7025 , 7045 & 7100. These are available in a range of full-scales from 1000 to 0.1 torr and with a number of flange options. This enables pressure measurement and control over 7 decades and simplicity when fitting to your system.

Features and Benefits

  • Superior performance – Excellent zero stability and accuracy
  • System enhancement – Simple integration with dual set points for enhanced control
  • Flexible solutions – From compact to heated and everything between
  • Low cost of ownership – Zero maintenance required
  • Flange option of KF16, DN 16  or 8VCR

Sensor Options:

  • Standard |  Barocel 7025 -Accuracy is between .2-.5%
    • 0.1torr, 1torr, 10torr, 100torr, 1000torr
      • DN 16 CF
      • 8VCR
      • 16 ISO-KF
  • Heated |  Barocel 7100 -Accuracy is between .2-.4%
    • Vacuum and Temperature
    • 0.1torr, 1torr, 10torr, 100torr, 1000torr
      • DN 16 CF
      • 8VCR
      • 16 ISO-KF
  • Heated |  Barocel 7045 -Accuracy is .15%
    • Vacuum and Temperature
    • 0.1torr, 1torr, 10torr, 100torr, 1000torr
      • DN 16 CF
      • 8VCR
      • 16 ISO-KF

7025 – Standard

Designed to give repeatable high performance, this is the gauge which sets the standard in a wide range of applications. Giving high levels of accuracy, it has been designed to be fit and forget, with multiple levels of internal protection; Baffle, coatings and shielding fitted as standard along with the excellent zero stability and any orientation mounting.

7045 / 7100 – Heated

Using the same measuring cell found in the 7025, these gauges then have integrated heaters to hold the gauges at fixed temperatures. For applications with harsh gasses, where condensation could cause an issue, we have implemented two levels of heated gauges. Heated to steady temperatures of either 45°C (7045) or 100°C (7100), these provide you with piece of mind that you will not get condensates in the gauge that could lead to damage to your control network.


  • Semiconductor
  • High Energy Physics
    • Beam lines
    • Accelerators
    • Laser evacuation
    • Medical systems
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Electron microscopy
  • Quality and Control
  • Industrial

Barocel Gauges have been introduced based on customers needs for ever more accurate measurement and control of systems. With ambient and heated offerings we can offer superior performance and reliability that means you can fit and forget it.

Precision Vacuum Gauging

Precision vacuum gauges are the best choice to measure and control your process. These gauges offers the best accuracy but in contrast to broad vacuum gauges only operate in a small pressure spectrum. Edwards offers capacitance gauges with the Barocel series.

DigiVac Recommendations

DASH Portable Capacitance manometer Gauge. The DigiVac Bullseye DASH is the first portable high vacuum display and capacitance manometer gauge in the world; it also powers and displays CM readings and contains patented vacuum graphing technology.

FYRA Vacuum Controller | Multi-Gauge Controller with Touchscreen | ATM to High Vacuum | UL/CSA/CE. The FYRA is a versatile vacuum controller with a touchscreen or dial interface, the ability to measure and control from atmosphere to high vacuum, and the capability to drive different types of sensors. Measurement range is sensor dependent (1000 Torr (10+3) down to 10-10 Torr). Available as Bench top, Panel Mount or Rack Mount.


7025 Operation Manual |7045 Operation Manual | 7100 Operation Manual7000 series Data Sheet | 7000 series Brochure


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Barocel 7025, Barocel 7100, barocel 7045
Edwards Barocel 7000 Series – 7100, 7025 & 7045 | Capacitance Manometers