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Edwards Enhanced XDS35iC Dry Scroll Pump | 100-120/200-230V 1PH 50/60Hz  | A73008983


  • (PN): A73008983

The Edwards Enhanced XDS35iC Dry Scroll Pump proves to be a robust and clean vacuum pump solution in a range of applications and processes.

This Edwards Corrosive Version (C) XDS35iC has been modified so that it is more suitable for use on vapor handling processes and may be used in some applications using corrosive substances. The C version is fitted with Chemraz internal valve pads and stainless steel exhaust port.

The XDS35iC Oil-Free Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump has a patented bearing shield designed to isolate the vacuum environment from all forms of lubricant. This feature ensures that the bearing remains totally dry, as well as protecting it from any process gases. The adjustable gas ballast allows vapor to be handled and opens up the range of applications to many that were previously unsuited to scroll pumps.

The Edward XDS35iC pump is optimized for maximum pumping speed at inlet pressures between 1 mbar and 10 mbar making it ideally suited for LCMS and ICPMS applications. Recent improvements in tip seal technology have lead to reduced tip seal wear therefore giving a longer time between service interventions. Pumping displacement for this pump is 25 CFM at 60hz.

Chemraz® is a registered trademark of Greene Tweed

Bearing shield
ensures separation between process gases and bearing lubrication to ensure clean vacuum and no possibility of contamination to lubrication from process gases, which prolongs bearing life.
Smart motor drive
means consistent performance globally, pump overload protection and remote start/stop capability.
High flow gas ballast feature
allows pumping of vapors including water vapor at up to 240 gh-1.
Simple single sided scroll design

allows maintenance to be done in minutes for low cost of ownership and maximum up-time.

Take another step

the Enhanced versions offer up to 20% lower peak power requirements during initial pump down which means it has the ability to pump down large volume chambers with no loss of performance and has up to 25% more pumping speed at these roughing pressures which helps on higher frequency cycling applications as well.


Scroll pumps use intermeshing fixed and orbital scrolls to form non-contacting, crescent shaped gas pockets that are continuously compressed by the orbiting action. This means that, unlike oil-sealed rotary pumps, there is no sealant or lubricant required in the swept volume of the pump.

Edwards XDS35iC Pump Applications

• Automotive; brake line and air conditioning evacuation
• Backing turbomolecular  pumps
• Chemical applications including gel dryers and solvent recovery
• Coating systems
• High energy physics
• Mass spectrometry
Use this resource to help determine the pumping speed you need.
An alternative to this pump is the Edwards XDS46iC Scroll Pump | 35 CFM | Corrosive Version.


User Manual Data Sheet

For more documentation, please visit DigiVac’s folder.

Technical Specifications

General Product Information

Dimension Length 0.476 
Connection Vacuum Inlet Flange DN 40 ISO-KF (NW40)
Noise Level 57.00 db(A)
Supply Frequency 50 Hz

60 Hz

Weight 48.00 
Power Supply Phase 1-Ph
Dimension Height 0.396 
Cooling Method Air Cooling (forced – fan)
Connection vacuum outlet flange DN 25 ISO-KF (NW25)
Dimension Width 0.333 
Supply Voltage 1Ph 100-120/200-230V 50/60Hz
IP Rating IP44
Connection Power IEC EN60320 C20 – Male (for C19 plug on mains cable)
Leak Rate 1.000 × 10⁻⁷ 
Vibration Level Velocity (rms) 4.500 × 10⁻³ m/s
dimensionsCombinedLengthWidthHeight 0.476 



Performance Data

Power Total Rated 520.00 
Pumping Speed Nominal 9.722 × 10⁻³ 
Pressure Ultimate 3.00 
Power at Ultimate (Quiescent) 440.00 
Rotational Speed Nominal 29.17 
Pressure Water Vapour Max. 3500.00 
Power at Atmosphere 1800.00 
Power at Atmosphere Short Term Max 1500.00 
Capacity Water Vapour 6.667 × 10⁻⁵ 
pressureUltimateWithGasBallast 1000.00 
powerAtUltimateWithGb 47500.00 

Operation Conditions – Limitations

Pressure Inlet Continous Max. 4000.00 
Pressure Outlet Continous Max. 1.200 × 10⁵ 
Altitude Max. 2000.00 

Environmental Conditions

Temperature Ambient Operation Min. 10.00 
temperatureAmbientOperationMax 40.00 
Temperature Ambient Storage Min. -30.00 
Temperature Ambient Storage Max. 70.00 


High / Medium / Rough Vacuum Classification Medium Rough Vacuum Pump
Dry or Wet Pump Dry pump
Vacuum Pump Technology Dry Scroll Pump
Product Pressure Range Medium Vacuum – 1 mbar – 1*10-3 mbar

Connectivity – Communication Interface

Communication Interfaces Customer Parallel I/O

Display local (hours counter)

Connection electrical comms interface connector DSUB 15-PIN – Female


Variant Atex Category Ex II 3 G Ex h IIB T4 Gc – internal atmospheres only
Variant Scroll Pumps CE – Corrosion resistant variant enhanced

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Edwards XDS35i scroll pump | dry scroll pump
Edwards Enhanced XDS35iC Dry Scroll Pump | 21 CFM | A73008983