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FYRA Freeze | Freeze Dryer Controller for Lyophilization | CE, UL, CSA

This Fyra Freeze, freeze dryer Controller bundle is a very simple implementation that measures and controls both vacuum and shelf temperature with both heat and refrigeration.  This controller can be used to upgrade or retrofit a small to medium-sized freeze dryer where the original controller has failed or become problematic.  This can also be used as a control platform for new or custom-built freeze dryers.  This also adds a much needed vacuum control feature set and has both manual and automatic modes with logging capability.


  1. Easy retrofit to older freeze dryers or those with failed controls
  2. Adds vacuum level control and eliminates unreliable sensor components
  3. Flexible manual mode control for research and automatic mode for hands free operation

Fyra Freeze Features:

  • Automatic + manual control modes
  • Shelf temp limit
  • Freeze duration
  • Drying duration
  • Vacuum set point
  • Alarm when shelf limit is exceeded or temp probe is lost
  • Uses on type 531 vacuum sensor, two K temperature thermocouples (shelf + ambient)
  • Heavy-duty quad solid-state relay
  • VacStable vacuum level control valve which allows for precise vacuum control

FYRA Freeze Bundle Includes:

  • FYRA Controller, rackmout version
  • Sensors: Vacuum + 2 temperature 
  • Solid state control relay
  • Vacuum control valve
  • TC wires cables, and power
  • Wiring instructions
  • Plumbing kit

How it Works:

The Fyra Freeze system controls AC actuated shelf heat, refrigeration system and a vacuum pump through a solid state relay.  Further, it manages the vacuum level through carefully dosing gas back into the chamber to maintain a particular pressure to improve drying and avoid losing desirable compounds.  It ties the measurement and control capability into a very simple to control and understand touch screen interface.


  • Food freeze-drying and preservation
  • Botanical (flower) drying
  • Pharmaceuticals (API Manufacturing)
  • Research

Vacuum Science Simplified

We know vacuum applications can get complicated. FYRA was created to deliver scientific measurement and vacuum control simply with easy integration into almost any system in the market.
  • Easy integration into systems
  • Capable of driving multiple types of sensors (ex. piezo, thermal, active, passive, and capacitance manometers)
  • Has touchscreen and dial interface
  • Intuitively display and manage multiple sensors + control points
  • Dimensions: 1.7”H x 3.52”W x 5.35” Deep
  • Comes standard with:
    • 10 Volt DC output for PLC integration
    • USB for data download + documentation of vacuum processing data-points

Learn More | Watch DigiVac’s Demonstration 


User Manual Data Sheet Sales Sheet

For more documentation, please visit DigiVac’s folder.

Technical Specifications

Units Torr, mbar, kPa, Pa, microns (choose mTorr), millitorr (mTorr), mmHg, Hectopascal
Temperature Range low/high -40C to 150C
Vacuum Measurement Range 1 micron to 760000 microns (760 Torr)
Sensor Type 10pin IDC for solid state relay, 6P6C for vacuum, TC connections for thermocouple
Power 110V, 60 Hz
Logging Capabilities through USB time, vacuum and shelf temperature

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fyra freeze, freeze dryer controller
FYRA Freeze | Freeze Dryer Controller for Lyophilization