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Lesker 275 Convection Sensor | 1/8″ NPT or KF25 | Convection Enhanced Pirani Gauges

Lesker – These KJLC 275 convection sensors offer excellent accuracy, repeatability and value for a wide range sensor (0.1 mT to 1000 mbar/Torr).  These gauge tubes and controllers are low-cost drop-in replacements to the Convectron® brand of MKS / Granville-Phillips® 275 gauges (MKS MODELS: 275071; 275203).

Overview LESKER MODELS: KJL275071; KJL275196

  • Gauge, Convectron Equivalent
  • 10E-4 (0.1 mT) to 1000 Torr
  • 1/8″ NPT or KF25 (depending on selection)
  • Only convection enhanced pirani gauge with native KF25 interface
  • Interconnect cable available as add-on (KJL375 or MKS to Convectron Tube, 10′ long)


  • Wide measuring range: 10-4 Torr to 1,000 Torr (10-4 to 1,333 mbar)
  • Performance identical to existing competitor’s gauges
  • Less prone to damage from mechanical shock or vibration than competitor’s tubes
  • Less outgassing and faster response to pressure changes than competitor’s tubes
  • Rugged design withstands more abuse and harsh environments
  • Significant savings—no changes to your system, you use your existing competitor’s controllers or cables
  • No changes to your process—a single vacuum gauge can monitor your vacuum system pumpdown and venting; helps keep your process up and running, even if it’s not a laboratory environment
  • CE marked, RoHS compliant
  • The convection enhanced pirani gauges work with the DigiVac StrataVac Controller and can be calibrated with the controller for optimal accuracy. NIST certified calibration is also available.
  • Ideal if you need a replacement gauge for GP 275, 375, and 475 convection gauge controllers or other compatible controllers
  • Note: Interconnect cable sold separately.
  • Gauges are calibrated for direct readout of nitrogen or air. Do not attempt to use with other gases unless accurate conversion data for N2 to the other gas is properly used.

Lesker 275 Convection Sensor Specifications

Type: Vacuum Gauge

Sensor Type: Convection-enhanced Pirani

Measurement Range: 1.0 x 10-4 to 760 Torr

Fitting Type: 1/8″ NPT (KJL275071) or KF25 (KJL275196)

Filament: Gold Plated Tungsten

Exposed Materials: 304 stainless steel, borosilicate glass, Kovar®, Alumina, NiFe alloy, polyimide

Bake Out Temperature: 150°C

Operating Temperature: 4 – 50°C

Installation Orientation: Horizontal preferred

Internal Volume: 35 cm3 (2.14 in3)

Maximum Internal Pressure: 150 psi

To learn more, read the KJLC 275 Series Datasheet.

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Lesker 275 Convection Sensor | 1/8″ NPT or KF25 | Convection Enhanced Pirani Gauges