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NIST Calibration Certification

DigiVac provides NIST Calibration Certification Services (National Institute of Standards and Technology)| testing and traceable certification for vacuum gauges and vacuum controllers.

When the term “ISO 9000 certification” is used in the context of calibration, that means certification to a national standard such as NIST is needed. In the U.S. this means, at a minimum, that a NIST Traceable Certificate is needed annually.

Many industries require regular calibration of vacuum gauges and vacuum controllers as part of their normal operating procedures. An example, you be in the Life Sciences or Pharmaceutical Manufacturing industry or Research and Development, or Certified laboratories. Having NIST Calibrated vacuum instruments services on a regular basis is important and consistent with cGMP.

If you don’t need documentation, you can use our standard calibration services. This service still calibrates gauges and controllers against a NIST standard, but no documentation is provided.

For gauges you already have in the field, annual calibration, at a minimum, is recommended. A decontamination form is required. You can request calibration here

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NIST Calibration Certification
NIST Calibration Certification Service